Best Motorcycle USB Chargers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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Best Motorcycle USB Chargers: Reviews & Recommendations

The BlueFire Dual USB Charger is one well-rounded and high-quality option for a motorcycle USB charger. It’s convenient and easy to install, and it makes charging any device pretty effortless when you’re on the go. This charger is actually more than just a single USB charger; it’s both a dual USB charger and a cigarette lighter socket in a single device. You can charge two devices via USB at the same time, and if you need to add another charger you can easily do so via the cigarette lighter socket. The entire unit is built for the open road and outdoors, made from ABS material that’s fire-retardant, temperature-resistant, and anti-corrosive. It’s also waterproof, thanks to the included waterproof USB cover and cigarette lighter cover. The handy voltmeter allows you to see the voltage while you’re using the charger, which is convenient as you monitor your motorcycle’s battery. And the easy wire and handlebar attachment options also make it simple to set up.

While the Yonhan Motorcycle USB Charger isn’t the cheapest option on our list, it offers excellent value with a whole host of features for a budget-friendly price. This motorcycle charger will get your devices recharged in no time at all, thanks to its PD and QC 3.0 high-output charging support via the two USB ports. You can charge up to two items at once, and you’ll be able to connect different devices simultaneously — like an iPad, iPhone, digital camera, and other tech gadgets. The speedy charger includes an SAE to USB adapter and a built-in voltmeter that monitors the battery and your motorcycle’s electrical system automatically. You’ll also enjoy three different installation options, which means you can choose the best placement and method for your needs and your motorcycle. One additional little perk you’ll also love is the on/off switch. Most chargers are unplugged when they aren’t needed, but thanks to that switch, this one can stay right in place and simply be shut off.

If you need a USB charger that works on a wider voltage range, you might find the Mic Tuning charger ideal for the task. It’s a device that works at the 12-24-volt range and has an output of 2.1 amps. The charger is suitable for different motorcycle types and can power up smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. The main benefit of this device is its sturdy construction. The high-quality ABS and copper materials are impressively durable. The charger is waterproof and resistant to heat, corrosion, and other threats. Also, you have two connection options. You can plug it directly into the motorcycle battery or use the SAE power adapter. The mounting process is a breeze as well. All you need to do is to make a few holes or use adhesive tape. Although it’s compatible with a wide voltage range, the charger might be slower than other options on the market. That might be the biggest drawback along with the higher current draw

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