Test Trip: Moto Morini X-Cape 649

Prepared by Jean Turner | Pics by Laurette Nicoll, James Adams, and the creator. Posted in Bikes

In this review, we take a brief spin aboard the latest from Italy—the Moto Morini X-Cape—a taste examination that left us seeking a lot more with this new participant in the midsize ADV room.

It was a fleeting 5-day affair, all too quick a time to expend with this handsome Italian, but I’ll under no circumstances fail to remember this whirlwind romance. The unique ride aboard the Moto Morini X-Cape took me by way of rural backroads, down twisting highways, and higher into misty mountains on to double-observe trails. Together with the fun came day-to-working day errands and a few hundred miles of freeway. From the casual to the heart-pumping activities, I felt I was falling in adore. But alas, 5 times was all we experienced in advance of declaring goodbye.

As much as we squeezed into our time with the Moto Morini X-Cape, there was significantly a lot more to check out with this all-new model. Someday we will sit down for a feast to observe our antipasto, but for now, here’s what we can notify you about this new mid-sized ADV.

MotoMorini X Cape Review left

• Who is Moto Morini?

 Moto Morini is practically unidentified in North America, as the Milan-dependent organization has had an on-again/off-once again romance with the U.S. for a long time. Even though it might be new to us, this is a legacy model in its have suitable. Moto Morini has been in the activity since 1937. Acquired by the Zhongneng Automobile Team in 2018, Moto Morini’s design is nevertheless headquartered in Milan, Italy, although units are now created in China.

In January 2023, the organization introduced a revitalized energy in the U.S. fast-ahead a few months, and Moto Morini United states of america is up and working in an all-new manufacturing unit-backed headquarters in Irvine, California. A variety of Morini’s 650cc parallel-twin bikes are arriving to the growing dealer community, which includes the Seiemmezzo 6.5 STR (activity bare) and Seiemmezzo 6.5 SCR (scrambler), and of study course, the X-Cape.

• The Nuts and Bolts

 When they aim to be a modestly priced, no-frills possibility, Moto Morini also intends for the X-Cape to be a viable contender for the serious off-road rider. At $8299, the X-Cape commences with a tested 649cc parallel twin motor and chassis platform—proven by CFMoto, to be precise—and adds to it a host of factors these types of as the Marzocchi shut-cartridge fork, KYB shock, Bosch EFI, Brembo brakes, Pirelli tires.

Nothing in there appears accurately “budget,” so exactly where does the Morini minimize back again? For just one, there is no IMU, and as a result no fancy electronics bundle. That is not to say there are no onboard electronics, as the Morini reveals off a tasteful 7-inch TFT sprint with a clean up and very well-lit screen. In it

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Eastbound MotoWinch Evaluate [Portable Motorcycle Hoist Test]

The Top Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike is now about 500 kilos loaded. It is not immune to getting dropped, and I am not having any more youthful. In addition, I am venturing out solo into backcountry spots where the terrain, place, or an damage could seriously restrict my ability to wake my mount up from a trail nap. The good thing is, the impressive, compact Eastbound MotoWinch allows get the rubber side again down when you can not do it alone.Eastbound MotoWinch Review: PartsThere are two MotoWinch models—the LC1500 is for bikes up to 600 lbs, and the flagship LC2500 is for any bike. I have a 900-pound Yamaha Undertaking and a 500-pound Yamaha Ténéré 700, so I selected their heavier lifting winch. The LC2500 is only a pound heavier than the LC1500, and operates just €9 more at €178 (as well as extra freight from the Netherlands), so I recommend the much more robust LC2500.In great ailments, I can elevate either motorcycle myself. The Undertaking, on its aspect, is vertical plenty of when down to let me to use the butt/backup method. If I have the difficult panniers on the Ténéré 700, it lays higher adequate to possibly use the butt/backup method or do a squat elevate at the handlebar. Without the need of accidents, I can probably carry the Ténéré 700 a several occasions on dry asphalt in advance of I produce a repetitive strain injuries, and about the identical with my Undertaking.So, what would I do if a rain squall muddied my path in the forest on the Ténéré 700 and, in a muddy panic quit to avoid a afraid deer, I dropped my bicycle? I will pull out my Eastbound MotoWinch LC2500 and be back up and on my way in a make any difference of minutes.Eastbound MotoWinch Review: RatchetI dropped my Undertaking at a fuel station when my spouse reset herself on the pillion just as I swung the kickstand up. My still left boot was out of situation, and the Enterprise simply cannot lean a lot off vertical without the need of likely down. I utilised the butt/backup system and community humiliation adrenalin to get it back up. That was the only idea about for my Undertaking in 10 years.There was nearly one more suggestion-in excess of. On the way to Sturgis, I was parked on sandy grime at an out-of-the-way diner with my Enterprise uncomfortably extra vertical on the kickstand than I would like. From within the diner, I spotted a dust satan heading across the parking large amount. I ran out of the diner to the substantial aspect of the bicycle just as the dust devil begun to thrust it towards me. If I hadn’t been there, I would have been contacting a tow truck to help me elevate it, as the only other particular person about was the chef, who was in his 80s.Folks of all measurements, shapes, and actual physical affliction journey bikes. While you could be in a position to carry

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2022 Beta 200 RR Review [Off-Road Motorcycle Test]

I guess I’m a tweener, and that makes it hard for me to settle on the kind of dirt bike I think works best for me. I enjoy the power of DOHC 250cc four-strokes, yet milder 250 and 300 four-stroke trail bikes are so much fun to ride hard. However, in both cases, the four-strokes make for heavy dirt bikes. When you add in the height of high-performance 250s, my 115-pound chassis starts to get overwhelmed. Perhaps that’s why I also like small-displacement two-strokes. They have enough power to haul me around, the high-quality suspension that can handle rough terrain at high speeds, and a whole lot less weight. That brings me to the 2022 Beta 200 RR.2022 Beta 200 RR Review: For SaleEditor Don Williams and Associate Editor Jess McKinley were fairly hard on the last Beta 200 RR we tested back in 2019. Neither of them was thrilled with the Sachs ZF suspension, and they weren’t shy about it. Well, the 2022 Beta 200 RR is still outfitted with Sachs suspension, but the valving has been reworked at the Beta factory for 2022 to reduce the harsh feel. So I cleared my cache and went into this test with an open mind.I split testing time between the desert and the mountains. The desert provided high-speed slaloms between creosote bushes, plenty of deep sand, big hillclimbs, and technical trails through some of the rockiest terrain around. The mountains swapped between tricky single-track and fast sprints down dirt roads. That’s my idea of a fun motorcycle test.Let’s start with the mountains, as that’s the natural habitat for a 200cc light-equipped enduro bike such as the 2022 Beta 200 RR.2022 Beta 200 RR Review: Power ModesThe Beta 200 RR’s two-stroke motor power delivery can be adjusted in two ways—the easy way and the harder way. There’s a switch on the tank, just above the filler cap, that lets you choose between two power modes—Sun and Rain. That’s the easy way, even though it would be even better if it used one of the unused switches on the left handlebar—I’m not adding turn indicators. The more difficult adjustment is to the power valve, which means you’re off the RR and pulling out tools. On-the-fly adjustments are easier and certainly more useful on changing terrain. I made liberal use of this option on the mountain trails.Although the 2022 Beta 200 RR isn’t fuel-injected, the power modes are different enough to make a significant difference. After some experimenting, it was clear when to use each mode—and not really a surprise.When riding on single track, I rely on low-rpm torque rather than high revs to get me down the trail smoothly. The Rain mode makes the most of the 190cc motor’s grunt, such as it is. The power delivery is smooth, allowing me to focus on the terrain rather than managing the power. The six-speed transmission has well-thought-out gear ratios. With the wide spread of power in Rain mode, the motor never falls off the pipe.2022 Beta 200 RR Review: MSRPThe chassis weighs just 229 pounds with the 2.5-gallon

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Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorbike Cleaner Overview [Down & Dirty Test]

Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner Review: Wash

After a trip in dusty disorders, it does not acquire much to get a dirt bicycle clear. Spray on whatever cleaner arrives to hand, then rinse it down—done. Having said that, when mud is in the combine, and the goop receives baked on a hot engine, it’s not that quick. Thankfully, Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner is up to the problem. That is not a shock, as we have numerous evaluations of Muc-Off products and have been regularly amazed.

Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner Review: MSRP

Muc-Off can make a number of statements about its Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner, though none of them make a difference when the bike comes dwelling covered in mud. Sure, it’s great that Muc-Off suggests the pink things is biodegradable, but when I want a clear bike, which is a slight issue. It is safe and sound for disc brakes and carbon fiber—that’s a little something we treatment about.Muc-Off states Nano Technologies “breaks down filth and grime,” and then declares they can not tell you particularly what it is—trade top secret, and all that. Ok, I just can’t say that I treatment, as I just want a thoroughly clean motorcycle—they can hold how they do it a thriller, if they must.Soon after a several days of heavy rain in Southern California—atmospheric rivers happen—we had been itching to get out on the new 2023 Kawasaki KX250X. Puddles and mud patches littered the trails. Not only does that make riding far more entertaining, but it also provides the products desired for screening Muc-Off’s offers about its Nano Technological innovation. We had attempted it prior to on dusty bikes. Nonetheless, as we noted, that’s not much of a trial. The KX250X arrived household properly splattered in mud.

Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner Review: Price
Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner utilized.

Muc-Off instructs us to rinse the bike in advance of applying the Nano Tech cleaner. Which is a double-edged sword for cleaners. Most cleaners are sprayed on and then rinsed off. That tends to make sense, as the water left over following rinsing will dilute the cleaner. However, rinsing the bicycle off gets rid of a ton of the dirt. So, the Nano Tech cleaner experienced to be in a position to perform with the rinse residue to clean off the bike—not necessarily effortless.Following a comprehensive rinsing—a yard hose and a sprayer, not a pressure washer—some mud on the plastic was absent, however none of the crud baked onto the motor. It is time to spray on the Nano Tech cleaner. Apparently, it arrives out sudsy—not a liquid, like most cleaners. Muc-Off’s guidelines tell us to hold out 3-to-5 minutes, so we set a timer for five minutes even though we put away our also-muddy Alpinestars using equipment.The five minutes go by quickly, and we instantly skip Action 3, which tells us to “agitate any stubborn grime with a brush or sponge.” Muc-Off sells heaps of brushes, so there is that. We disregarded that instruction, as we needed to see what it would do with absolutely nothing a lot more than

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Honda CB500F Review | Motorcycle Test

Honda CB500F Review

Honda CB500F review by Wayne Vickers – Images by RBMotoLens

Honda’s sweet little 500 cc twins have received our praise for a while now – and for good reason – as there’s a lot to like about the triumvirate of models that are powered by Honda’s 471 cc parallel twin.

Honda's 2022 CB500F has received a restyle
Honda’s 2022 CB500F has received a restyle

Recently I had the chance to spend some time on the latest CB500F, the naked street bike variant, to get a fresh feel for how this year’s updates from Big H translate in the real world.

It’s worth pointing out that the F variant sits alongside its two siblings, the CB500X (soft-roader/adventure bike), and the CBR500R (fully faired sports styling), as an impressive small capacity naked-bike offering.

New are the 41mm Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks
2022 Honda CB500F – New are the 41mm Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks

For 2022 the 500 family received a number of updates. For our CB500F in question, that means changes to chassis, forks, brakes and styling, bumping things slightly more aggressively into the ‘street-fighter’ bucket.

Dual 296mm discs matched to Nissin radial mount four-piston calipers are also an update
2022 Honda CB500F – Dual 296mm discs matched to Nissin radial mount four-piston calipers are also an update, with lighter wheels

Not to sure whether I’d be labelling it a street-fighter, but there’s some juicy new fruit. We’re talking:

  • 41 mm USD Big Piston forks from Showa
  • Rear shock with pre-load adjustability
  • Twin 296 mm Nissin wave rotors with radial calipers
  • Updated swing-arm and styling
  • 17.1 L fuel tank for over 350 km range
  • Low 789 mm seat height

Step over and down on the bike (the seat really is nice and low) ,and you’re immediately struck by how small and light the bike feels. It feels nothing close to the 189 kg kerb weight the spec sheet lists, and that feeling carries over on the move.

2022 Honda CB500F - Weight is 189 kg with a 785 mm seat height
2022 Honda CB500F – Weight is 189 kg with a 785 mm seat height

It’s super nimble and manoeuvrable in traffic and is a lane filtering dream. As a point to point urban tool, the CB500F is in its element.

That little twin cylinder engine continues to be a ripper. Pumping a smidge under 50 hp and peaking at around 6500 rpm, it’s wonderfully smooth and surprisingly eager right through the rev range.

2022 Honda CB500F – Power is also 35 kW at 8600 rpm

The fuelling is dialled in nicely, throttle action is sweet and the power curve is linear from idle to redline. The fact that it’s not going to rip your arms off only serves to encourage you to open the taps all the way, more often.

The CB500F is super frugal with its drinking habits too – I was seeing just over 3.5 L/100 km from it which gives a theoretical range of past 400 km.

The tank will hold 17.1 litres and could potentially take you 400 km
The tank will hold 17.1 litres and could potentially take you 400 km

I didn’t ever see that, purely because of where my servo stops were located, I kept topping it up around the 350 km

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2022 Honda CRF-E2 Review [15 Fast Facts: Electric Motorcycle Test]

The first electric motorcycle from Honda is here, and it might not be what you expected—the new 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is a trail bike for kids. The CRF-E2 is manufactured and designed by Greenger Powersports, with Honda helping with the setup of the final version. The result is described as a Honda Official Licensed Product, and we call it a Honda CRF-E2 because we’re a motorcycle publication. We grabbed one of the first E2s available from Greenger, and then let our youngest test rider loose on the local trails.2022 Honda CRF-E2 Review: Electric Motorcycle

  1. The 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is a quality motorcycle. The frame is a twin-spar aluminum design patterned after Honda’s adult motocrossers, disc brakes slow it down, Kenda Millville K771 tires put the electric power to the ground, and the E2 has a linkage-less cantilevered shock with adjustment for rebound damping and spring preload. The motorcycle looks great, and the finish is up to Honda standards. This isn’t a cheap toy you’ll find at hardware or department stores. It is sold exclusively at Honda dealers with a list price of $2950.
  1. The size of the CRF-E2 is midway between a Honda CRF50F and CRF110F. The E2’s seat is adjustable to a height of either 24.8 or 25.5 inches. In the low position, the seat is 3.2 inches higher than the CRF50F, and the high seat position is 0.4 inches lower than the CRF110F. Test rider Avery Bart is almost 8 years old, stands 4 feet 2 inches, and weighs 48 pounds, and the E2 fits her perfectly. Speaking of weight, at 106 pounds filled with electrons, the E2 is four pounds lighter than the CRF50F and a staggering 64 pounds lighter than the CRF110F—a huge difference for a young rider.

2022 Honda CRF-E2 Review: For Sale

  1. Operating the Honda CRF-E2 is incredibly easy. It has a keyed ignition. Once the key is in the switched to the on position, the rider or supervising adult can select one of two power modes. With the power mode engaged, push the on button (a repurposed e-start button), and all the rider has to do is twist the throttle. It’s instantly game-on, as the fully automatic one-speed transmission means no clutch or gear shifting. Any youngster of sufficient size who can balance a bicycle will be able to ride the E2.
  1. There is a significant difference between the two power modes. Stage 1 limits the speed of the E2 to 10 mph, while Stage 2 ups the ante to 20 mph. The 3.4 horsepower peak output is not nearly as important as the 18.4 ft-lbs of torque available. Without any doubt, the CRF-E2 is not underpowered.

2022 Honda CRF-E2 Review: Electric dirt bike

  1. Taking off from a standing start is not as smooth in Stage 1 as we’d like it to be. Electric motors on motorcycles are only as usable as the controller for the motor. With so much torque available as soon as an electric motor turns, it must be padded down for the power to be usable. In Stage 1, we found the power
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