Taiwan Leads Innovations in Automotive Aftermarket

Despite COVID-19, the United States automotive aftermarket market is skyrocketing and is expected to exceed US $448 billion by 2025, according to Research and Markets. Rising trends – such as increased demand for electric vehicles, the emergence of advanced car accessories and the proliferation of used car sales platforms – have set up the US automotive market for significant growth.

The US has become the largest market for Taiwan’s automotive parts, accounting for more than 40% of the country’s exports. Main exports include car lights, tires, and other items such as suspension and transmission systems.

Due in part to a smaller domestic market, Taiwan’s manufacturers rely on exports and have stepped up research and development. As a result, Taiwan is well-suited to adapt to changing industry trends. One focus is environmentally-friendly auto parts, such as LED headlights and other new energy sources. These developments support not only the demand for EVs, but also support consumers in the used car market looking to upgrade older models.

Taiwan Excellence – the symbol of the most innovative Taiwanese products – will showcase the latest in advanced automotive systems and components at its “Lights, Cameras, Electronics & Cockpits – Hot Innovations from Taiwan for Automotive Market” webinar on October 27, 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT. This event offers buyers a first look at some of the country’s cutting-edge products designed to dramatically improve performance, safety, and comfort for drivers around the world.

The webinar, slated to broadcast on Taiwan Excellence’s YouTube channel, spotlights advancements from 10 trailblazing Taiwan Excellence award winners unveiling next-generation automotive products: CUB ELECPARTS, MiTAC Digital Technology, EverFocus, Mobile Drive, Noodoe, Chu Hung Oil Seal, Hua-Jie, Uni Auto Parts, Lucidity, and DEPO Auto Parts.

Taiwan’s Automotive Aftermarket Innovators


Founded in 1979, CUB first made its name by manufacturing electrical switches and has since grown into a global automotive leader in electrical parts. Its innovative millimeter radar Blind Spot Detection System and integrated tire pressure sensors are leading the way to make the road safer for all vehicles.

2. MiTAC Digital Technology

MiTAC Digital Technology embraces next-generation A-IoT to create advanced “smart” dashcams that help users navigate life – and the road – with increased peace of mind and performance. The company is unveiling its newest dashcams made for everyone from trucking fleet managers to everyday commuters.

3. EverFocus Electronics Corp

A leading provider of smart surveillance and smart transportation solutions, EverFocus aims to jumpstart smart transportation with a robust range of turnkey solutions on view, including industrial vehicle PCs integrated with the latest AI to monitor driver fatigue, component status, GPS tracking, and more.

4. Mobile Drive

Mobile Drive’s next-generation smart cockpit solution is poised to fundamentally change the driving experience, combining best-in-class infotainment with AI, deep learning and more to create a seamless technology solution and cutting-edge user experience. Mobile Drive is a joint venture between Taiwan’s Foxconn Group and car giant Stellantis.

5. Noodoe Corporation


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