2023 Suzuki GSX-8S Review – Cycle News

Rennie Scaysbrook | April 21, 2023

Suzuki released its first new street-bike-model platform since 1999 (yes, 1999) with the GSX-8S, and we rode it in the beautiful confines of Nice, France.

2023 Suzuki GSX-8S Review
Sleek, sharp and a ton of fun. The new Suzuki GSX-8S will be a big hit, especially with newer riders.

Photography by Julien Lacroix

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 25 years since Suzuki released its last all-new motorcycle platform in the SV650. The beloved SV went on to become one of Suzuki’s greatest hits, but the market has moved considerably since then—even if the capacity of the new wave of motorcycles has barely moved.

The midsize-capacity roadster market is a hot one indeed. One only must look at the bikes that all retail under $10K to realize this: You have Yamaha’s MT-07 at $8199, Honda’s CB650R at $9299, KTM’s 790 Duke at $9199, and Kawasaki’s base Ninja 650 coming in the cheapest at $7899, with a $400 premium on for ABS. Given the long-lasting success of the SV, this new GSX-8S has some huge shoes to fill.

2023 Suzuki GSX-8S in Pearl Cosmic Blue
Those blue colors got us thinking of the French Riviera. Oh, wait…

Circling in at a competitive $8849, the swanky blue, black or white GSX-8S is by far the newest of this bunch. The GSX-8S is actually one of a pair of bikes, as its development was shared in parallel with the V-Strom 800DE adventure steed and utilizes pretty much exactly the same engine to power it.

That’s a 776cc parallel-twin with a 270° firing order that’s a completely new job from the guys and girls in Hamamatsu. However, it’s different from most other bikes in this class. It runs twin counterbalancers rather than the near-ubiquitous single balancer setup with counterweights for each piston favored by nearly everyone else with a parallel-twin engine (except KTM, which employs two shafts on the 790).

Dubbed the Suzuki Cross Balancer, patented by Suzuki and used for the first time on a production motorcycle, the system works by running a vibration-killing balancer for each cylinder running at 90° to each other below and in front of the crankshaft. Suzuki feels the extra complexity of a twin-balancer system that helps kill off as many of the first and secondary vibrations as possible is worth it over the weight disadvantage the GSX-8S motor has to its competitors.

2023 Suzuki GSX-8S twin-counterbalancer crankshaft
Suzuki’s twin-counterbalancer crankshaft. Suzuki says it’s worth the extra weight to get rid of more vibrations than a single balancer setup. They might be right.

The result is an engine that’s exceptionally smooth at low to medium rpm. Truth be told, it’s smooth all the way to redline, but the best performance is found when the revs are situated below 8000 rpm.

This motor has been designed not for the next Twins Cup race (although I’m sure we’ll see it on the grid once it’s homologated). It’s more for enjoyable street performance, one that lets you hold gears and not dance up and down on the six-speed gearbox that

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SkyDrive and Suzuki Enter Strategic Collaboration on Propelling Traveling Motor vehicle Tech

Equally Suzuki and SkyDrive have alongside one another partnered up for strategic collaboration on the potential of traveling auto technological innovation. SkyDrive announced the fascinating news in a press release on the morning of Tuesday, March 22nd, with the highlighted emphasis on developing better and more stable comprehensive-scale manufacturing of authentic-earth, commercialized flying cars and trucks.

SkyDrive has been in this business for really some time, past viewed at CES 2022 with some exciting merchandise at its disposal, mostly the SD-03, which in the beginning debuted in 2020. The Japanese company has prolonged been increasing its influence, pushing bounds in the aerial car or truck arena with perfectly-produced, interesting engineering, which offers “zero-running-emission air vacation.”


Suzuki Motor Organization, on the other hand, has a long heritage of innovating and improving motor producing, most prominently in vehicles and bikes, but also boats. Recognized all the way back in 1920, Suzuki proves to be the best applicant for SkyDrive in forwarding the growth of flying automobile tech, particularly in the parts of the two R&D and business.

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SkyDrive anticipates offering on a full-fledged flying motor vehicle taxi support centered in japan by 2025’s Environment Exposition, which will consider location in Osaka. Suzuki’s hand in this effort will be in the facilitation of mass-output techniques, budding efforts in maximizing carbon neutrality, and broadened producing and mass-output systems. Both equally will also get the job done with each other in bridging a much better abroad market place aim, specially to start in India.

SkyDrive will not be the only company benefiting from the partnership, as Suzuki will likewise be privy to a entire new aspect of the transportation small business: “flying automobiles as a fourth mobility business,” reads the great print. To be distinct, however, even though SkyDrive does enhance and employ technology that straight is linked with flying autos, the idea itself is dependent on eVTOL plane, which fundamentally signifies electric powered vertical takeoff and landing.

By way of SkyDrive’s lengthy dedication to providing the most state-of-the-art and significant principles in traveling car or truck tech, Suzuki will only expand upon its very own mantra to “Create goods of remarkable benefit by concentrating on the customer.” SkyDrive’s main hope is not only to enlist much more commonalities to air mobility in day to day lifetime but also to lessen and thoroughly restrict carbon emissions in everyday travel, the two of which feel amazingly idealistic but absolutely not unachievable.

The organization, alongside Suzuki, will only ahead the expansion of the air car or truck enterprise for the foreseeable future of innovation. With SkyDrive’s prolonged record in drone engineering and excellent business practices on their aspect, with even Japan’s Public-Non-public Council for state-of-the-art air mobility as an entity behind the corporation, the long term of air travel and mobility would seem to be in the finest hands doable.


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