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Kit Palmer | September 9, 2023

The French manufacturer Sherco recently pulled the covers off its latest fleet of enduro bikes bound for U.S. soil. This includes four SEF Factory four-stroke models (250, 300, 450 and 500cc), three SE Factory two-strokes (125, 250 and 300cc) and two new HRD SE Factory RS four-stroke dual sport models (125 and 500cc). Two new HRD SM Factory RS four-stroke supermoto models (125 and 500cc) are also coming our way.

Cycle News just returned from the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas, where we got to sample them all.

The 2024 Sherco 300 SEF Factory four-stroke has more power but is just as tractable.

Photography by Andrew Nguyen/WinPic Photography

Mesquite Madness

Sherco factory racers Cody Webb, Cooper Abbott and 14-time U.S. Trials Champion Pat Smage were on hand for our visit and laid out a short but tight and twisty single-track loop for the media to play on. The course weaved its way through the endless sea of thorn-rich Mesquite trees, and despite the ultra-dry and dusty conditions, the trail was great fun that still demanded your attention and provided a good initial testing ground for the bikes. The only catch (besides the thorns) was having only a few hours to work with because the folks from Sherco were trying to squeeze us in during their annual dealer meeting. Hey, little is better than nothing. With the small window of opportunity, my goal was to get at least one lap on each of the seven enduro and two dual sport bikes—it was tight, but mission accomplished. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get in the two supermoto bikes. Those will have to wait.

Here are a few takeaways from each bike.

2024 Sherco 125 dual-sport motorcycle
Welcome one of Sherco’s two new dual-sport models, the 125 HRD SE Factory RS. It’s got to be the coolest-looking entry-level motorcycle out there.

SE Factory 125

The Sherco SE Factory 125 is unchanged for 2024. Like its bigger two-stroke siblings, the SE 250 and 300, it features a steel frame, KYB suspension, Brembo brakes and an electronic powervalve. You also have a couple of maps from which to choose via a switch on the right handlebar. It’s carbureted via a 36mm Keihin PWK, and there is no kickstarter. Instead, it carries a battery to power the 125’s e-button.

2024 Sherco 125 dual sport motorcycle
The 125cc dual sport is EPA friendly and a fun cruiser on the trail.


  • It’s fast with decent low-end and smooth power delivery—for a 125, of course. The clutch is your best friend, and it gets used a lot. Luckily, clutch pull is light, has excellent modulation and feels durable.
  • The bike handles quickly and feels light despite its claimed 220-plus pounds, which is somewhat up there for a 1-2-5. Excess weight comes from its starter motor and battery, strategically placed low in the chassis.
  • The 125 SE is great fun but takes some getting used to if you haven’t ridden a 125cc, or even a two-stroke, for that matter, in the woods in a while.
2024 Sherco 300 SEF right side
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