Schuberth C5 Modular Helmet + SC2

Schuberth C5 Modular Helmet + SC2 Review Summary

Review Summary

The Schuberth C5 is a modular helmet with outstanding construction, an intermediate oval shape, excellent ventilation, noise management, and styling.


Style (it matches my bike)

Quality construction & materials

Noise levels

Distortion-free visor

Pinlock Included

Sun Visor Included

Integrated Communications ready (speaker/antenna pre-installed)


Only two shell sizes

Weak visor detents

Top vent operation could be smoother


Review Summary

  • The Schuberth C5 is a premium modular helmet aimed at the touring rider.
  • The C5 has excellent build quality, ventilation, and noise levels.
  • The C5 has speakers and antenna pre-installed for use with the optional SC2 communicator.  The SC2 is similar in functionality to Sena’s premium 50S and 50R models.
  • With few negatives, the C5 is the best modular helmet I have ever used.
  • It is pricey at $869 plus $349 for the SC2 system.


In 2019, I reviewed the Schuberth M1 Pro with the SC1M (Sena) communicator built in.  I very much enjoyed the helmet and have used it often since. In addition,  I am a big fan of modular helmets. I jumped at the chance when I was offered this spring to review another Schuberth.

I have been lucky to ride over 4000 kilometers with the Schuberth C5 with SC2.

About Schuberth

Schuberth has been around for more than 70 years. Producing protective helmets since the 1940s. In 1954 SCHUBERTH developed its first motorcyclist helmet. This was the beginning of a success story that continues today. Today, SCHUBERTH develops and produces helmets for industrial safety, police, fire, Formula 1 sports, and motorcycling.

2010 SCHUBERTH formed the North American office, returning to the US and Canada. This brings a local office for sales, service, and warranty to better service loyal customers in the region.

Schuberth C5 Helmet hanging from motorcycle handlebar

Schuberth C5 Helmet Features

As you would expect from a leader in motorcycle boots, and with Gore-Tex in the model name, the Alpinestars boots are loaded with features:

From RevZilla and Schuberth (North America) Websites:

  • Fiber Glass shell reinforced with carbon fiber for improved shock absorption strength and lighter weight.
  • New chin strap positioning to improve comfort in the throat area featuring Anti Roll Off System ( A.R.O.S)
  • Double chin air intake to improve ventilation, featuring exchangeable chin part filter. New back spoiler featuring new air extractor
  • Plug and Play communication system based on Sena 50S system with speakers, Mesh Antenna, FM Radio Antenna, and Bluetooth Antenna preinstalled in the helmet shell.
  • Fitting System
  • Claimed 85 DbA at 100 km/h on a naked bike.
  • DOT and ECE-R 22.06 Certified, depending on location.

Visit the Schuberth C5 product page for a complete list of features.

First Impressions

Back in the spring, when I was offered to review the C5, I was asked what graphics/color I would prefer.  I wasn’t too particular, so I provided some options, including Master Grey and Yellow, as you see here.

Before delivering the helmet, I purchased a 2023 Husqvarna Norden 901

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