2022 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Review

Having recently had the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 on loan, I was eager to find out if the Interceptor matched my expectations or exceeded them.

The Interceptor garners a lot of interest on social media and there seems to be a lot of positive vibes about this bike, so I was interested to see for myself what the bike was like.

Review Summary

  • Weighing approx 217 kg, the bike feels heavier than that to me especially when moving it around.
  • For $8,477 USD / $11,232 CAD / £6,599, you are getting a lot of bike for your money.
  • No riding modes which is a huge plus point for me although I know some of you will not agree with me on that.
  • Love the twin silencers, but they are not loud enough.
  • I experienced a ‘twitch’ at about 65/70 mph, not sure if this is to do with brakes or suspension, but would need to explore the cause.

At A Glance

  • Wet weight: 217 kg
  • 648 cc air/oil cooled parallel twin engine
  • 47 bhp
  • 6 speed
  • Twin silencers
  • 41 mm telescopic forks with twin rear shocks and external reservoirs
  • 18 inch wheels with single 320 mm front brake disc and 240 m rear brake disc
  • 805 mm seat height
  • Price: $8,477 USD / $11,232 CAD / £6,599
  • See the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Overview

For the rest of the fleet, check out Royal Enfield’s 2023 model lineup.

First Impressions

Very nice. I love the styling of the Interceptor and I think Royal Enfield have got it right with this bike.

Closeup of the fuel tank
I love the tank on this bike, neat and stylish.

The riding position is more of an upright one which I found to be very comfortable, my legs were not too scrunched up and with a 805 mm seat height, my feet were firmly planted on the ground when stationary.

I did notice straightaway how heavy the bike felt, it weighs in at approx. 217 kg (wet weight) and at 5’6” I found moving the bike out of the garage was a bit of an effort for me. When my other half moved the bike for me though, at 5’10”, he could not see what my problem was!

Closeup of the headlights and the brand etched into the metal part of the screen
‘Royal Enfield’ etched onto the metal part of the screen.

Looking around the bike, there are some nice touches to the bike, for instance, the screen has a silver metal plate at the bottom with the ‘Royal Enfield’ logo; the footpegs have ‘Royal Enfield’ on them as does the engine casing.

Gas shocks and remote reservoir on the suspension
The gas shocks and remote reservoir look very familiar.

There are knee guards on the engine and the suspension has gas shocks with a small remote reservoir which look remarkably like another famous brand to me, these really add styling to the bike.

Closeup of knee guards on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 engine
A nice little touch with knee guards on the engine.

When sitting on the bike, it feels sturdy and well made despite being at the lower end of the price bracket, you really are getting a lot

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The Royal Enfield Scram 411 Is The Safest Motorcycle I’ve Ever Ridden

It was a stretch of cold, often wet weeks riding around Portland on Royal Enfield’s Scram 411, and despite the gloom, it’s been an enjoyable motorcycle on many levels. But it’s also an unusual motorcycle, especially given the competition.

The Scram 411 is a close cousin to the popular Himalayan dual-sport adventure bike (both below) from India-based motorcycle maker Royal Enfield, which began life in England in 1901, and after folding in the U.K. decades ago, soldiered on in India until it was bought and modernized by the Eicher Group/Eicher Motors Limited, a transport (buses, etc.) and agricultural machinery maker.

The Scram has essentially the same drivetrain, frame and gas tank, but different wheels, instruments and a lower seat height than the taller, more dual-sport focused Himalayan. It even says “Himalayan Scram” on the side panels, so there’s clearly a lot in common.

And while the Himalayan is more of a world traveler, the $5,099 Scram 411 is instead more urban-focused and more approachable, especially for new riders looking to get started in motorcycling, or returning riders looking for a no-frills, easy-to-ride re-entry machine that’s easy on the eyes, wallet and inseam, and maybe even calls back to bikes they rode in days gone by.

The Bike

The Scram – short for “Scrambler,” which is a street bike with light off-road capabilities – is a definite return-to-roots type of motorcycle that many riders have been asking for. It’s basic yet technically sophisticated at the same time, with fuel injection, ABS brakes, a small LCD info-panel inset in the big round (and digitally driven) speedo and a second “Tripper” pod for GPS pointers (below) when wirelessly tied to the robust Royal Enfield app. But there are no ride modes, adjustable levers, cruise control or other luxuries.

Fancy it isn’t, but it is definitely affordable and undeniably stylish. My review bike was painted in a two-tone shiny metal-flake black and gray with teal highlights, including color matching rim stripes and small accent panels on each side of the tank that would take the brunt of an impact if the bike were to topple over. A wide selection of color options are offered by Royal Enfield.

Black laced wheels (above) include a 19-inch front hoop (down from the 21-incher on the Himalayan) and wear the same 50/50 on-road/off-road tires as

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MO Critique! / Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Hey, inmates! The superior fellas at Motorbike.com obtained their palms on the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350… and we didn’t. And we’re jealous.

When this bike released in India in 2022, we instructed you it was “A straight-up retro bike primarily based on the very same engine as the Meteor 350.”

That signifies we will get a lengthy-stroke air-cooled, fuel-injected SOHC thumper, producing 20 horsepower at the crank, at 6,100 rpm, with a 5-velocity gearbox. Not plenty of to thrill the jaded North American buyer, but this would be a significant bike for the Indian market. Royal Enfield also makes use of this motor in the new Classic 350. Abs will be conventional in some marketplaces, but possibly optional in the US and Canada. Similar for the Tripper GPS insert-on gauge, and LED change signals are also optional. Somewhat confusingly, an LED taillight is standard, but Royal Enfield went with an incandescent bulb for the switch indicators and headlight. A person you should demonstrate this for us?

While some stores in India are calling this an “urban scrambler,” it rolls on 17-inch wheels front and rear, instead of a 19-17 arrangement.

When that might not seem ADV-pleasant at very first, I assure you that touring providers will be flogging these by all kinds of Asian locations shortly, if they are not now. Royal Enfield has a a lot bigger chunk of the experience using market than quite a few North People might understand, while the Himalayan is obviously the 1st and best selection for that form of function.

Simply because we count on you’re curious about the machine like we are, there’s a temporary summary of what Evans Brasfield experienced to say about the bike in the captions down below. You can read Evans’ total assessment in this article—Ed.

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2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Review [11 Fast Facts]

2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Review: Urban Motorcycle Test

The new 2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is a $3999 shot across the bow of competitors offering affordable urban transportation. The Hunter is the third model in Royal Enfield’s 350 range, joining the Meteor cruiser and the 1950s-styled Classic. The new Hunter brings a touch of styling modernity to the tradition-infused India-based brand. We took to the busy streets of San Diego to find out how slick it is in the city, and even ventured out into the nearby hinterlands to carve up some canyons.

2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Review: For Sale

  1. Small displacement motorcycles are a fun way to traverse cityscapes, and the torquey Hunter adds power to the equation. With a price under $4k, you expect to be riding a 125cc motorcycle. Eighth-liter motors put freeways off limits, and you have to be hard on the throttle at every stoplight to avoid getting overrun by Teslas. The Hunter’s 20 ft-lbs of torque at an easily attained 4000 rpm moves the 400-pound motorcycle along nicely on city streets, thanks to a smooth throttle response. The broad powerband means the 350cc motor can get by ably with a five-speed transmission.
  1. Twenty horses are available at 6100 rpm, giving you a fighting chance on freeways. Top speed on the SOHC air-cooled Hunter 350 is around 80 mph, depending on conditions, with sluggish acceleration above 65 mph. If you’re thinking a sixth speed would help on the freeway, it won’t unless it’s downhill. Often, you’ll find yourself in fourth gear to get the highest speed possible, as the motor won’t pull fifth in a stiff wind or on uphills.

2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Review: MSRP

  1. The 2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 loves moving through surface-street traffic. Royal Enfield gave the Hunter 350 a new, lighter frame with a wheelbase about an inch shorter than its siblings. The rake and trail are tucked in, with some credit going to the Hunter-exclusive pair of 17-inch wheels. This makes it easy to direct the Hunter 350 wherever you want.
  1. The fully upright standard-style ergonomics encourage active riding, such as going for that slot between a couple of cars. The handlebar is reasonably narrow, and the mirrors are unobtrusive, so filtering and lane splitting are natural behaviors for the Hunter. The seat height is a friendly 31.1 inches, and it’s comfortable for long stints. Royal Enfield calls the Hunter a “big-city motorcycle” for a reason.
  1. The fixed-damping suspension does a decent job of knocking the edge off rough urban roads. While no one will describe the no-name suspension as plush, in most cases, it prevents pothole-induced jolts from sharply making their way to the rider. The suspension settings are firm enough to prevent g-outs on drainage dips on city streets.

2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Review: Price

  1. In-town cornering is sure, with the Ceat Zoom XL tires providing reliable traction. Although this is a lower-spec tire than on the Classic and Meteor 350s, these Ceat tires work fine. If you decide you want premium rubber, the 17-inch wheels mean you have plenty of options. Heck, you can fit a pair of Dunlop
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Bike evaluate: Royal Enfield Tremendous Meteor 650

If you shoot for a star, you are going to at least get a Meteor. Though acquiring the Super Meteor 650, it seems Royal Enfield set its standards so substantial that the resultant solution (while it’s not nonetheless best) is so great that just one may have a tricky time obtaining a flaw in it.In brief, it’s the best bike made by Royal Enfield. It is India’s initially reliable large bike. It looks astounding, and goes rapid. And a 350-km simple trip proves it’ll be comfy even on a 1,000-km road trip.

What defines its design?

Unlike the Meteor 350 which seems puny in comparison to most cruiser bikes, the Super Meteor 650 has a sizeable street presence. It has the silhouette of a thoroughbred cruiser—the seat is reduced (740 mm peak) and huge, the handlebars marginally lifted, and the seating placement is ft-forward. There are seven color choices.The front tyre is 19-inch and the rear is 16-inch (rim diameter). Both are tubeless.The instrument panel seems fundamental, but has functional features this kind of as gear indicator, gas gauge, clock, speedometer and tripmeter. The Tripper (a navigation pod) is positioned to the right of the major meter. It can be related to a smartphone by way of Bluetooth and then it exhibits convert-by-flip navigation. One particular flaw with the Tripper is that it drains the smartphone battery incredibly fast, but then the bicycle has a discreet USB socket positioned beneath the left side panel (even however it does not have a rainproof smartphone storage, which lets you to demand the cellular phone on the go—it’s a have to-have for present day cruisers).

Which motor powers it?

It’s the similar 648 cc twin-cylinder unit that is there on the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650. Energy is 47 PS (46.36 bhp), torque is 52.3 Nm, gearbox is 6-velocity guide, and gas tank is 15.7 litres. On my working day-extensive journey I could not exam the gas effectiveness, but be expecting it to be about 30 km/litre.

How does it ride?

Freeway: Straddling it is effortless (very low seat height) even nevertheless it’s a weighty bike (241 kg), once you start using, it handles like a toy. It is in its aspect on open highways. On twisty roads, it is pure nirvana—it has an fantastic lean angle, extraordinary shockers, ideal driving posture, and hardly ever feels out of electrical power whilst accelerating out of a corner.

Metropolis: The bodyweight shows. In regular Indian urban conditions where by streets can be slim, it’s quite a task to manoeuvre the Tremendous Meteor 650. One particular detail is clear: You need to be bodily in shape (and powerful) to effortlessly cope with this motorbike.

Is it the finest cruiser, at any time?

It’s certainly the finest Royal Enfield motorbike, at any time. It is available in three variants: Astral (Rs 3,48,900), Interstellar (Rs 3,63,900) and Celestial (Rs 3,78,900). The Astral and the Interstellar are regular variants (not tourer) that really don’t have a

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Australia Automotive Coolant Market Report to 2025 – That includes Royal Dutch Shell, Castrol Australia and Penrite Oil Amid Other folks – ResearchAndMarkets.com

DUBLIN–(Business WIRE)–The “Australia Automotive Coolant Industry by Auto Kind, Item Sort, Know-how, Desire Category and Area: Forecast & Prospects to 2025” report has been additional to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s presenting.

The Australian Automotive Coolant Industry was valued at USD 267.06 Million in 2019 and is forecast to mature at CAGR of about 9% in the following 5 several years to access USD 340.61 Million by 2025.

Expected development in the market can be attributed to soaring desire of passenger autos, coupled with raise in building and mining actions in the state.

Moreover, increasing financial situations immediately after COVID-19 outbreak, boost in disposable cash flow and rise in monetary position of the buyers are predicted to positively influence the progress of the industry in the coming years. Bulk of the substantial-efficiency motor vehicle manufacturing providers are in Australia and the automotive marketplace is growing its enterprise in Australia to lessen the import of passenger cars from other APAC international locations which will offer you a valuable sector for automotive coolant company by way of 2025.

The Australian Automotive Coolant Market place is segmented based mostly on car variety, merchandise style, technology, demand class and location. Based on car type, the sector can be segmented into passenger motor vehicle, business motor vehicle, two-wheeler and OTR. Centered on auto form passenger car is expected to maintain the most significant share for the duration of the forecast period of time, thanks to expanding registration of passenger vehicle and escalating in possession of motor vehicle put up COVID.

In conditions of merchandise variety, sector can be segmented into ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and glycerol. Ethylene glycol is envisioned to maintain major share through the forecast time period, on account of low selling price, availability and need in the market place, so the bulk of lubricant manufacturer want to use ethylene glycol for manufacturing of automotive lubricants.

The study is valuable in delivering answers to quite a few important inquiries that are crucial for business stakeholders such as automotive coolant producers, distributors and sellers, buyers and policy makers. The study would also aid them to goal the increasing segments above the coming yrs (future two to five several years), thereby aiding the stakeholders in getting expense choices and facilitating their expansion.

Key Subject areas Included:

1. Products Overview

2. Study Methodology

3. Effects of COVID-19 on Australia Automotive Coolant Market

4. Executive Summary

5. Voice of Customer

6. Australia Automotive Coolant Market Outlook

6.1. Industry Sizing & Forecast

6.1.1. By Value & Volume

6.2. Industry Share & Forecast

6.2.1. By Car or truck Kind (Passenger Automobile, Industrial Car, Two-Wheeler, OTR)

6.2.2. By Product Sort (Ethylene glycol, Propylene glycol, Glycerol)

6.2.3. By Technological know-how (Inorganic acid technology, Organic acid technologies, Hybrid natural and organic acid engineering)

6.2.4. By Need Group (OEM Vs. Alternative)

6.2.5. By Location

6.2.6. By Business

6.3. Current market Appealing Index (By Vehicle Variety)

6.4. Marketplace Eye-catching Index (By Technological innovation)

6.5. Current market Attractive Index (By Location)

7. Australia Passenger Vehicle Coolant Industry

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