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Before you put your bike on the open road, ensuring it has adequate insurance should be your first priority. This review will explore the ins and outs of Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance. Learn about complete coverage details, pros and cons and money-saving discounts to determine whether this company suits your bike.

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Best motorcycle insurance for new riders

Harley-Davidson is our pick for the best motorcycle insurance company for new riders. We chose it because it’s a one-stop shop for your motorcycle needs. While insurance is the primary service, it also offers bike loans, extended service plans, planned maintenance, appearance protection and more.

Getting your financing, insurance and protection products in one place makes it easy for new riders to get on the road quickly.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance pros and cons

  • Offers financing and extended service plans
  • Covers an extensive list of motorcycles
  • Optional equipment coverage is available
  • Discounts for military members, law enforcement and experienced riders
  • Only offers motorcycle insurance, so you can’t bundle with other insurance products
  • Coverage is unavailable in AK, HI and Washington D.C.

Pros explained

Has financing and extended service plans

Along with motorcycle insurance, you can secure related products through Harley-Davidson. The company offers bike loans, extended service plans, planned maintenance, appearance protection, and more. Plus, adding another financial service to your insurance policy might score you a discount on your premium.

Covers a variety of motorcycle types

Harley-Davidson provides coverage for a wide range of motorcycles, so no matter what bike you have, there’s a great chance you can get a policy.

Here are just some of the bikes it covers:

  • Cruiser
  • Dirt bike
  • Touring
  • Electric
  • Sport bike
  • Scooter
  • Moped
  • Trike
  • Sportster
  • Street Rod
  • V-Rod

Offers optional equipment replacement cost

If you’re one of the many riders who customize their bikes, you’ll be glad this coverage is available. In case your motorcycle is a total loss requiring optional equipment replacement, this add-on will cover the cost. Without it, you won’t receive reimbursement for the money you put into customizing your bike.

Discounts for military members, law enforcement and experienced riders

Harley-Davidson offers 13 discounts to help you save on your premium. Some of the standouts include its military and law enforcement discounts. Whether you’re active or retired, you’ll save on your policy as the company’s way of saying thank you for your service. Also, the longer you’ve been a rider, the more you’ll save on your policy with the experienced rider discount.

Cons explained

Only has motorcycle insurance so you can’t bundle with other policies

The company doesn’t offer other forms of insurance, so you can’t score a multi-policy discount, and you have to go through multiple companies to get all the coverage you need. This can inconvenience some and keep you from saving as much as you might with other insurers.

However, Harley-Davidson tries to make up for it by offering a discount if you’re a homeowner and if you get

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2023 Kawasaki KLR650 Adventure Review

Kit Palmer | October 24, 2023

I was reminded recently just how sweet the third-generation Kawasaki KLR650 really is. For the 2022 model year, Kawasaki gave the KLR650 a complete overhaul, and we came away impressed after having the motorcycle in our possession for nearly 12 months.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650 Adventure motorcycle wheelie
The KLR650 is no lightweight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on it.

The KLR650 now comes in four levels of trim. There is the standard KLR650, which can be had with or without ABS ($7199/$6899). Next up is the KLR650 Adventure, which comes with more goodies to make your long-distance adventures a little nicer: factory-installed side cases, LED auxiliary light set, engine guards, tank pad, and a DC power outlet and a USB socket. It’s also available with or without ABS ($8199/$7899). Then, you have the Traveler ABS, which comes with a factory-installed top case, a DC power outlet, and a USB socket. It’s only available with ABS ($7599). All these models were around in 2022, but new to the family is the KLR650S, which is essentially the standard model with a lower sitting position. It, too, is available with or without ABS ($$6899/$7199). The “S” model’s seat height is 2.2 inches lower than the others, which is significant. This was achieved by reducing wheel travel at both ends by approximately one inch and a slightly less cushy seat. Other than that, it’s the same bike as the standard KLR650.

Our 2023 Adventure KLR650 here is the same as before but with a slightly longer shift lever. As insignificant as this may seem, it was a significant issue for my size 12 feet last year. I could still use more room down there, but at least it’s livable for me now.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650 Adventure motorcycle right side
2023 Kawasaki KLR650 Adventure right side

Still, the KLR650 Adventure is a joy to ride. It handles well, the suspension is plush and is surprisingly good at soaking up good-sized bumps at speed, and the KLR’s five-speed transmission is nicely matched to the KLR’s power, which is delivered from its simple and reliable DOHC liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine.

The bike’s relaxed sitting position means you can painlessly ride the KLR650 all day, and the two-way-adjustable windscreen does an admirable job keeping the windblast off you without excessive helmet buffeting. The KLR is just as at home on the street as it is on the dirt.

Running out of gas is never a thought while aboard the KLR650 with its massive 6.1-gallon fuel tank that feels smaller than it is between your legs.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650 Adventure motorcycle front view
For $8199, you get your money’s worth for the top-of-the-line KLR650 Adventure.

The KLR650 is easy to pick on, however. Yes, it’s heavy for a single-cylinder dual sport (which is how Kawasaki classifies the KLR650) but is relatively light compared to big-bore, multi-cylinder adventure bikes, which many will compare this bike to. Its brakes aren’t terribly inspiring, you can’t turn off ABS (even just the rear), six instead of five speeds would be nice, tires are so-so, saddlebags

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5 Best Motorcycle Engines Review

Our Top Picks

Choosing the right motorcycle engine is essential to ensure a smooth and safe ride. A high-quality engine can offer better acceleration, fuel efficiency, and overall performance, while a poor-quality one can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. When selecting a motorcycle engine, factors such as power, fuel efficiency, and durability must be considered. After extensive research and customer reviews, we have identified the top-performing motorcycle engines that meet all these criteria. In the next section, we’ll reveal the product that has received high ratings from customers and performed well in our testing.

Tipyoumall 125cc 4 Stroke Engine Motor Kit
Tipyoumall 125cc 4 Stroke Engine Motor Kit

The 125cc 4 Stroke Engine Motor is a complete kit for Honda XR50 XR70 CRF50 CRF70 Motorcycle, including a manual clutch and spark plug A7TC. With a single cylinder, this motor is built to provide power and durability for off-road adventures. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to install and maneuver. This motor is perfect for those looking to upgrade their dirt bike or build a custom project.

Rated 9.7 based on 10



Complete kit included, Easy to install, Suitable for multiple models


May require additional parts

SOLRIMANA 250CC Engine Motor Complete Kit
SOLRIMANA 250CC Engine Motor Complete Kit

The 200CC 250CC 4-Stroke Engine Motor for Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV Engine CG250 is a powerful and reliable engine that is perfect for those who want to upgrade their bike’s performance or build their own custom bike. With a 5-speed manual transmission, aluminum alloy CDI, and a vertical single cylinder design, this engine delivers 10.0KW/7000Rpm and 14.5Nm of torque. It comes complete with everything you need to install it, including all the necessary wiring and hardware. Whether for sports or recreation, this engine is ideal for off-road adventures and provides a smooth and comfortable experience.

Rated 9.5 based on 10



Powerful 4-stroke engine, 5-speed manual transmission, Aluminum alloy CDI


May require professional installation

Gdrasuya10 Motorcycle Engine Kit CG250 5-Speed.
Gdrasuya10 Motorcycle Engine Kit CG250 5-Speed.

The 200CC 250CC 4-Stroke Engine Motor for Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV Engine CG250 with 5-Speed Manual Transmission Vertical Single Cylinder Engine Motor Complete Kit is a powerful and versatile engine perfect for those looking to upgrade their ride. Made with high-quality materials, this engine can handle even the toughest terrains and provides a smooth and reliable performance. With its 5-speed manual transmission, riders can easily adjust to their desired speed. This complete kit comes with everything needed for installation, making it a great option for those looking for a hassle-free upgrade.

Rated 9.3 based on 10



Powerful engine, 5-speed transmission, Complete kit included


May require professional installation

TBVECHI 2 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Motor Kit
TBVECHI 2 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Motor Kit

The 2 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Motor 49CC Racing Complete Engine Motor Pull Start Motorized Bike Engine Kit Air Cooled for Pocket Bike Mini Dirt Bike ATV Scooter is a powerful and reliable engine that is perfect for those who want to upgrade their motorized bikes. With its air-cooled design, this engine is able to withstand high temperatures and provide efficient performance.

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2023 Honda XL750 Transalp Review

The original Honda Transalp was introduced in 1986 with a 583cc V-Twin engine and is very much something of a legend in the adventure bike world. Indeed you still see many older Transalps on one’s travels still going strong and taking bikers on their adventures.

By 2000 the engine had grown to 647cc and for the last version in 2008 it had a 680cc fuel injection engine with a 214 kg kerb weight.

The Transalp is aimed at the mid-capacity sector in Honda’s range with the CB500X at the lower end and the CRF1100L Africa Twin in their upper range.

The new XL750 Transalp has taken inspiration from the original model with extended touring trips as well as urban riding in mind with a new engine (the same as in the new Hornet 750) and with riding modes that you can tailor to your own riding needs and style.

The Honda Transalp will make its way to to US markets in 2024.

Review Summary

  • This is a tall bike (850mm seat height) with a kerb weight of 208 kg which I struggled to move about (I’m 5’6”). Riding the bike itself was no problem.
  • At $11,521 USD / $15,871 CAD / £9,500, you are getting a lot of bike for your money.
  • Four riding modes which you can customize – sport; road; rain and gravel – you can alter the level of engine power and braking, torque control, wheelie control and abs. The rear abs can be turned off for off road riding.
  • Tires are Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour with a 21” front wheel and 18” rear which are tubed
  • Quickshifter comes as standard
  • Self-canceling indicators although you can turn this function off
  • There is a USB socket under the seat and the TFT screen is multimedia ready

At A Glance

  • Weight: 208 kg
  • 755 cc 8 valve parallel twin engine
  • 91 bhp
  • 6 speed
  • Four customisable riding modes: Sport, Road; Rain; Gravel
  • 5’ TFT display
  • Showa suspension front and back
  • Brembo brakes front and back
  • 21” front wheel, 18” rear wheel, tubed
  • Self canceling indicators
  • 16.9 liter fuel tank
  • 3 color options: Matte Iridium Gray Metallic; Mat Ballistic Black Metallic; Ross White Tricolor
  • 850 mm seat height; low seat option of 830 mm available
  • Price: $11,521 USD / $15,871 CAD / £9,500

See also: 2023 Honda Motorcycle Lineup.

There are a range of accessories available for the Transalp which come in 5 packs for you to choose from:

  • URBAN PACK: 50L top box, aluminum panel, mounting base, pillion pad and inner bag plus tall screen and main stand.
  • TOURING PACK: Rear panniers (R26L / L33L), aluminum panels, support stays, inner bags and heated grips.
  • ADVENTURE PACK: Side pipes, LED fog lights and radiator grill.
  • RALLY PACK: Quickshifter, engine guard, bash plate, off-road rally footpegs and knuckle guards with extensions.
  • COMFORT PACK: 3L tank bag, wind deflectors, comfort pillion footpegs and AAC charging socket.

First Impressions

Wow, this is a tall bike! At 5’6”, for me,

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Spada Hairpin 2.0 review | Women’s textile motorcycle jacket tested

Spada Hairpin review_17


Date reviewed: August 2023 | Tested by: Sophie Utley, BikeSocial Test Team  | Price: £79.99 | https://spadaclothing.co.uk

The Spada Hairpin 2.0 women’s motorcycle jacket is a supple softshell jacket that meets the AA level within the CE standard, has a full set of armour to the superior Level 2 within CE and a fixed waterproof membrane. I’ve worn it for up to 10 hours a day in everything from warm sunshine to a four-hour ride in the pouring rain.


Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy fitting
  • Comfortable, soft armour
  • Waterproof for around two hours
  • Too warm in hot weather
  • Tricky main zip
  • Uncomfortable neck design


Construction and fit

The Spada Hairpin 2.0 is a jacket made from softshell material that has a female shape. I’m 5ft 5in tall and usually wear a size eight or 10 top – I wore this jacket in a size small and it fitted me just right. The waist is nicely tailored, however I would prefer more space around the neck because it feels claustrophobic when zipped up, though with the collar unzipped it is comfortable. I would welcome a more flattering shape to the arms, as I feel as if I am sporting a pair of bingo wings at times. Having said that, room around the arms is welcome when pushing bikes around.  The cuffs are neat, adjustable and have strong seams.



Protection and certification

The protection level of the Spada Hairpin is higher than you might expect for a jacket that is quite casually styled and made from softshell fabric. It meets the middle level within the overall CE standard, which is AA, when most jackets of this type will be approved to the basic single-A level. The armour also has impressive ratings as there is a full five-piece set of protectors that meet the higher Level 2 within the impact protection standard. I found the armour to be soft and comfortable. The back protector can dig in slightly at the base of the spine, but it is comfortable enough despite this. I found the armour for the shoulders and elbows to be well positioned.

All motorcycle clothing sold in the UK and Europe is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is a good thing for riders as it can help them choose kit that has provable levels of safety because, to meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. To fully understand the labels found in all bike kit, click here.




The Haripin’s pockets at each hip are secure and waterproof, which I found a pretty safe place to store a small phone or wallet. Unfortunately, there are only two pockets, so there’s not much choice and there’s no inner pocket. They are in a good position to stick hands in there to have a rest or keep them dry though.




The Spada’s zips are sealed against water, which I found effective to a point,

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The Bikeriders review: Star-studded forged does Goodfellas on motorcycles

The Bikeriders issues the daily life and situations of a Midwestern motorbike gang, and plays like Goodfellas on choppers. Even though when it in no way reaches the dizzy heights of Scorsese’s gangster common, the film – which Jeff Nichols both equally writes and directs – is a good tale, nicely instructed.

Wherever Goodfellas was based on Henry Hill biography Wise Man, The Bikeriders has extra unconventional source substance. As Nichols was inspired to make the movie by Danny Lyon’s 1967 picture-e-book of the similar name.

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That includes stills and interviews with a wide variety of bikers, the writer-director fell in adore with their tales – and Lyon’s stark black-and-white visuals – so crafted a script about a fictional gang, but stuffed it with real-existence tales.

The consequence is a document of what one particular character phone calls “the golden age of motorcycles.” As perfectly as the increase and slide of a gang termed the Chicago Vandals, and the vibrant people that make up its membership.

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What is The Bikeriders about?

The Bikeriders utilises a framing product whereby photographer Danny (Mike Faist) interviews a girl referred to as Kathy (Jodie Comer), very first in a laundromat in 1965, then in her household in 1973.

Kathy is hence our eyes and ears all through the motion picture. We satisfy the gang when she enters their bar, and promptly decides they are all “animals.” But then Kathy fulfills and falls for handsome, mysterious Benny (Austin Butler), and in a issue of months – via some neatly efficient storytelling – they are married, and she’s a biker gal.

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By means of Kathy we also meet Vandals President Johnny (Tom Hardy), as effectively as the gang’s primary users, like Brucie (Damon Herriman), Cal (Boyd Holbrook), Zipco (Michael Shannon), and Cockroach (Emory Cohen).

They every single have a distinctive search – and uniformly bad enamel – as nicely as rich, distinct personalities, with some of the film’s very best scenes revolving all over the guys just hanging out and shooting the breeze.

Tom Hardy and Austin Butler are The Wild Ones

Indeed, there’s little in the way of plot, with Bikeriders significantly a lot more worried with character. We see the origins of the gang, which indicates there is small reliable about these people, who devote their times engage in costume-up so they can act like Marlon Brando in The Wild Just one.

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Whilst we also see the contradictions inherent in a group of men who refuse to play by society’s principles, then setting up a club that’s obsessed with principles. The audience can see the irony inherent in this juxtaposition. But just in scenario we skip it, Kathy tells us so. Frequently stating the obvious. But with a humor that usually means several moments in The Bikeriders are laugh-out-lout amusing.

Jodie Comer

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