Prepare Your Home for Snow and Ice. Here is How

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It really is mid-December and Xmas decorations are popping up everywhere, and every person is acquiring into comprehensive winter method. Dependent on in which you stay, that may possibly signify snowfall and subzero temperatures. No matter, you can find no time like the existing to get ready for the chilly year — in particular as excessive weather conditions circumstances turn into more frequent.

Preparing your property for winter normally takes some exertion, but fortunately, numerous of the finest actions to take are effortless and cost-free. 

Use these household upkeep suggestions to produce a winter season dwelling routine maintenance checklist, so you can spend all those chilly times heat and cozy. We’ve also got recommendations on how to shield your pipes and how to preserve your pets protected and serene through a winter storm. We also split down how a lot it fees to run a space heater

Check out your property for leaks and drafts

Leaks and drafts coming in via cracks in walls, doorways and home windows can prevent correct heating and boost vitality charges. If your strength enterprise would not provide a house electrical power audit, complete one particular your self. Right here are a few approaches to seal leaks and drafts:

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  • Set caulk, foam or weatherstripping all over relocating doorways and home windows.
  • Use bubble wrap or a window insulator package to seal up home windows you won’t be using.
  • Include a storm door to decrease warmth loss at the most important entrance.
  • Install insulation in your attic to avert ceiling warmth loss.
  • Exchange poorly insulated doorways produced of wood with an Vitality Star-rated doorway like metal or fiberglass.
  • Address mail slots and pet doors with insulation or large towels to preserve warm air in and cold air out.
  • Use blackout curtains on your windows, retaining them open up all through the day to let the sunlight in and closing them at night to hold the warmth in.

Get a chimney inspection

Just before you use your fireplace or wooden stove for heating, have the chimney or flue inspected and cleaned by a skilled. This stage can stop fires in chimneys, which along with other wooden-burning equipment, account for 18,000 residential fires each yr

A blocked chimney or flue can also maximize your probabilities of carbon monoxide poisoning. Never neglect fresh batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

If you have a nonworking or attractive fireplace, you could lose important warmth by the open up fireplace. Investing in

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Former students pitch in to prepare Raymond Central auto tech teacher’s car collection for auction | Autos

VALPARAISO — Darrin Pecka first met Jay Henderson through his dad, Duane, who had taken Henderson’s industrial tech class when he was a student at Raymond Central High School in the late ’60s.

But it was Henderson’s matte-black Hudson coupe — recognizable by many in Valparaiso — that drew Pecka’s admiration early on.

“Everybody knew who he was. Everybody knows what he had,” Pecka said.

Darrin Pecka sorts through car parts at Jay and Polly Henderson’s house in Valparaiso. He’s helping them prepare items from Jay Henderson’s collection for an auction at the end of this month.

Henderson drove that car to school every day, and the family took it into Lincoln to get groceries. It was the family car, Henderson’s wife, Polly, said.

“Everybody in the four (Raymond Central) towns, they all knew that was Jay Henderson driving that Hudson,” she said. 

That car, and all of those industrial tech classes, are part of what made Henderson a local legend. Even as a kid, Pecka would knock on Jay and Polly’s front door and remind them that “Mr. Henderson can’t retire until I get to take his class.”

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Pecka graduated in 2012. Henderson retired the next year. 

They’ve remained good friends, and now Pecka, with help from other former Raymond Central students, is preparing Henderson’s Hudson car collection for auction.

Wanted: A photo to put a face to the name of a fallen Lincoln soldier

Nebraska Passport announces 70 stops in this year’s program

Behind the mystery of the hillbilly shack on a busy southeast Lincoln corner, Sept. 27, 2020

On a Friday in late February, the afternoon sun is shining down on Pecka’s shoulders and his stocking cap. He rummages through rusted car doors, fenders and bumpers that have accumulated over the years, mixing and matching the pieces to create some semblance of organization. His hands are protected by winter work gloves as he inspects the car body parts strewn over straw-colored grass.

He doesn’t mind the work, though. He figures it’s the least he can do.

“(Jay) and Polly always say I’m like another kid,” Pecka said. “They’re older than that for me. They’re like another pair of grandparents.” 

Juncos and sparrows chirp from a winter-worn maple tree nearby, the base of which is keeping company with a late-’30s Hudson Terraplane coupe with suspended headlights. That’s Polly’s favorite, though Jay interjects that the Terraplane series was an economy line and couldn’t keep up with a Hudson on a closed course.  

Henderson’s love of Hudsons was long and unconditional. But it took a fascination with some earlier cars to eventually lead him to the Hudsons. He was in elementary school when a neighbor who raced stock cars asked Jay’s dad, Wesley, to fix his ’35 Plymouth with the fenders partially removed. 

Hudson Cars Lined Up

Eleven cars from Jay Henderson’s collection of Hudsons

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