Automotive Tech To Be Highlighted At Fall Nvidia GTC

As we approach two years of pandemic, on the whole it has been a tragedy in many ways. But there have been some positive developments as well. Among those is the evolution of virtual conferences and trade shows. While serendipitous hallway conversations are a huge benefit of conferences, no one has the time or resources to attend every relevant event. Thus, having events like Nvidia Fall GTC 2021 online and free from November 8-11 makes it accessible to far more people than could ever go in person. Like past GTCs this event will feature lots of automotive related content. 

For those not familiar with GTC, it is Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference. It’s a great place for anyone interested in learning about or working with Nvidia’s hardware or software technologies to find out more about what’s happening in the field.

As always, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang will be doing a keynote presentation on Tuesday Nov 9, 2021where he will no doubt be sharing lots of fascinating nuggets about the latest in Nvidia technology as well as laying out the vision for where the company is going. While the company started off developing 3D graphics chips to power computer video games, its graphics processing units are capable of much more data centers, simulation, automated driving to of course cryptocurrency mining although Huang is unlikely to discuss that last one. 

What he will likely do is provide updates on the Drive Sim Omniverse platform, introduce some new partners that are utilizing Nvidia technologies in the vehicle and probably talk about some of the applications that will be debuting the new Orin system on a chip in 2022. Among the companies rolling out Orin-powered vehicles next year are Volvo, Polestar, Xpeng and others. The keynote may also feature some news on how Nvidia is going to enable the building of high-definition maps for automated driving following its recent acquisition of DeepMap. Jensen Huang’s keynote premieres at 9am CET on Nov 9, 2021and will be replayed at 11am EST/8am PST. 

On Monday Nov. 8, the day before Huang’s keynote, there is a full slate of sessions specifically focused on driving. Among the many speakers that are presenting that day are Ödgärd Andersson, CEO, Zenseact, Guillaume Binet, VP of Software Infrastructure, Motional, and Axel Gern, CTO Autonomous Technology Group, Daimler Trucks among others. 

Roy Fridman, VP Business Development, Foretellix will talk about the challenges of ADAS and AV Safety – Dealing with an Infinite Test Space. The world is such a wide and varied place that it’s simply not possible to test every

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