An electric bike for fast and fun all-day cruising

I’ve been eyeing the Zugo Rhino electric bike for a while now, especially the version in that trippy color-changing indigo paint job. I finally got the chance to test out not one but two of them when the company let me put some good honest miles on the step-over and step-through variants of the Zugo Rhino.

Having spent some fun saddle time on both of them, I can tell you that the bikes give you exactly the type of ride you’d expect just from looking at them – a powerful and fun joyride that is somehow equal parts relaxing and exciting.

A big part of the mix of a laid back and yet exciting ride comes from the combination of performance and comfort.

With a powerful motor and nice big battery, the Zugo Rhino electric bike has plenty of acceleration, speed, and range. But when you add in the tall bars and long bench seat, you get a bike that is just as comfortable as it is brawny. Those two attributes combine beautifully into a ride that will have you picking the bugs from your teeth after smiling ear from ear.

See what I mean from ride video below, where I tested the Zugo Rhinos on some fun cruises. Then read on for my full thoughts.

Zugo Rhino video review

Zugo Rhino tech specs

  • Motor: 750W continuous hub motor
  • Top speed: Shipped 20 mph (32 km/h), can be unlocked to 28 mph (45 km/h)
  • Range: Up to 80 miles (130 km) on pedal assist with larger battery option
  • Battery: 48V 15.6Ah (750 Wh) or 21Ah (1 kWh)
  • Weight: 65 lb (30 kg)
  • Wheels: 20 inches with 4-inch fat tires
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes (160 mm rotors)
  • Suspension: Inverted suspension fork
  • Extras: Long bench seat, included fenders, large LED headlight and tail/brake light, LCD display, kickstand, Shimano 7-speed trigger shifter, wide range of accessories
  • Price: $2,199 (currently on sale for $1,999).

It’s all in the design

It only takes one look to get a perfect idea of what this e-bike is designed for; this is a moped-style electric bike, through and through.

Many people would call this a Super73-inspired e-bike, though of course there are many electric bikes that have since co-opted similar mini-bike stylings that harkens back to the golden age of mopeds, but I would say that the fact that there is both a step-through and a step-over version of the Zugo Rhino is a big advantage.

Gone are the days of step-throughs being considered “girl’s bikes.” I actually really like the step-through version as it’s easier to mount and dismount, making it a more comfortable bike. But if you want top tank style moped vibes, the step-over is the bike for you.

Both have the same parts and performance, with the single exception of the step-over having a built-in cup holder.

The Zugo Rhinos both quickly and easily get up to 20 mph (32 km/h) on throttle-only operation, though they are just as much fun to operate by

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