2023 Indian Sport Chief Review [9 Fast Facts]

2023 Indian Sport Chief Review [9 Fast Facts]

2023 Indian Sport Chief Review: MSRP

Indian seemed to have the sport side of its lineup covered by the FTRs and the Challenger—that latter provides the basis of the King of the Baggers race bikes. The Chief platform seemed comfortably entrenched in traditional cruisers and light-duty baggers. However, someone at Indian had bigger ideas, and the 2023 Indian Sport Chief is the result, complete with California Club styling and nicely bobbed fenders. Fortunately, Indian did more than simply make the Sport Chief an exercise in moto fashion, as we found out after rippling some California asphalt.

  1. Some smart bolt-ons converted the Chief for style-conscious Sport duty. Most of the heavy lifting is at the front of the bike. There, you’ll find an inverted KYB fork from the Challenger, massive 320mm twin discs with radially mounted Brembo calipers, a quarter fairing, and a narrow flat-bend handlebar on six-inch risers. A pair of piggyback-reservoir Fox shocks lengthen the rear wheel travel to four inches and improve cornering clearance. Finally, a solo gunfighter seat provides tailbone support when bracing against the Thunderstroke 116’s acceleration in Sport mode.
  1. The 2023 Indian Sport Chief lives up to its name in the canyons. The upgraded suspension and braking make all the difference when getting aggressive in the twisties. In all but the tightest corners, there’s plenty of lean angle on offer before a bootheel or peg touches down. The Sport Chief is extraordinarily stable thanks to the excellent suspension action and the flex-free inverted fork. Additionally, the 130mm front Pirelli Night Dragon tire has a large enough footprint to give the rider plenty of front-end confidence. Yes, you have to add some muscle and body English to change direction—the hefty Sport Chief is not flickable.

  1. Shredding between corners can be accomplished in either Sport or Standard mode thanks to the Thunderstroke 116’s abundant power. The two modes cater to different riding styles. The Sport mode delivers an aggressive throttle response, rewarding a twist of the right grip immediately and with abandon. If you’re willing to put up with some notchiness as you transition on- and off-throttle, you get performance worthy of the Sport name. Standard mode smooths things out considerably. You still get strong acceleration in Standard—remember, 120 ft-lbs of torque are delivered at 2900 rpm—but it has nowhere near the enthusiasm of Sport. However, on tricky or unfamiliar roads, the smoothness of the Sport delivery can result in an overall faster ride, as mistakes are forgiven more readily.
  1. Despite their power, the 320mm front discs can sometimes use help. Even with semi-floating radial Brembos grasping as hard as they can, they’re sometimes not enough to slow down the 670-pound Sport Chief when you overcook a corner. Fortunately, as is often the case with cruisers, the rear tire—180mm on the Sport—is
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Colorado man killed in motorcycle crash in Mooresburg | News

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2023 Ducati Scrambler Nightshift Review

Having previously had the Ducati Urban Motard on loan, I was eager to find out what the new 2023 model Scrambler was like and had the Ducati Scrambler Nightshift on loan from my local Ducati dealer.

Review Summary

  • This is a light bike to both maneuver and ride with a wet weight of 191 kg and a dry weight of 176 kg.
  • At $14,019 USD / $18,941 CAD / £10,995, this bike is at the higher end of the market for similar bikes in this category, you are paying for the Ducati name.
  • Two riding modes – sport and road with cornering abs and Ducati traction control which are easy to change on the very user-friendly TFT display.
  • Turn indicators, or self canceling as I call them, which I am a firm believer should be standard on all bikes or definitely mine as I have a habit of leaving mine on!
  • There is a USB socket under the seat and the TFT screen is multi-media ready and quick shift ready (both of these are optional extras).

At A Glance

  • Wet weight: 191 kg; Dry weight: 176 kg
  • 803 cc air cooled twin engine
  • 73 bhp
  • 6 speed
  • Two riding modes – sport and road
  • Cornering abs and Ducati traction control
  • Spoked wheel
  • Turn indicators
  • 795 mm seat height with a low seat option of 780 mm and high seat option of 810 mm
  • Price: $14,019 USD / $18,941 CAD / £10,995
  • See the Ducati Scrambler Overview

For the rest of the fleet, check out 2023 Ducati model line-up. 

First Impressions

The Nightshift drew my attention as soon as I walked into the showroom of my local Ducati dealer with its striking deep blue color. The blue is such a change in color to a lot of bikes on the market which is brilliant to see.

The Nightshift is such a cool looking bike, you find yourself standing back looking at it

I could feel straightaway that this was a light bike and the flat bars made for a really comfortable riding position, with my feet firmly on the ground.

The TFT display is clear and easy to read with everything that you need to know on show. Navigating the display is easy too which is a huge plus point in my book!

TFT screen on the 2023 Ducati Scrambler Nightshift
The TFT screen coming into life on start up

Personally I like bar end mirrors and with the single round headlight and cool looking indicators, the front end looks stylish.

The sound of the twin engine on start up immediately gives you that unmistakable sound that it is a Ducati complimented with the note of the exhaust. They just work perfectly together.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me here, as I have had a lot of conversations about this, but I am a fan of the number plate rear mount. There, I’ve said it!

Rear wheel of the 2023 Ducati Scrambler Nightshift
The housing for the number plate is clearly a marmite thing – you either love it or hate it!


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Ideal Bike Dolly (Critique & Obtaining Manual) in 2023

Summary Record

Our Methodology

To opt for the ideal motorbike dollies on the marketplace, I employed The Drive’s comprehensive research methodology and evaluated dozens of dollies just before picking out the prime contenders. While I haven’t personally analyzed these products and solutions, my range is informed by buyer testimonials, expert testimonials, conversations on related on the net boards, and my institutional information of the bike business.


Strong steel and aluminum building

Exceptionally clean-rolling wheels

1,300-pound load capacity

Accommodates all bike styles and dimensions



Gaps on plate can make it difficult to load and unload major bikes

You can load any sort of motorbike onto this dolly. It can accommodate wheel and tire dimensions that variety from 13 to 30 inches. Its maximum load ability is 1,300 pounds. You’ll obtain it effortless to move this dolly whilst your bicycle is on it, thanks to the 4 outsized wheels. What helps make this dolly stand out is the wheel chock on the front. It secures your bicycle and stabilizes it. There are also two flat ft that you can reduced to anchor the dolly and avert it from going. 

Sadly, this dolly’s base plate isn’t solid. There are gaps that are supposed to keep the tire in area. Nevertheless, they can make it hard to roll the bicycle on and off the dolly. 


Adjustable kickstand plate

Sits 1-3/4-inches off the ground

1,250-pound load ability

Powder-coated finish


Also quick for some bikes

No wheel locking system

This dazzling pink dolly will stand out in your garage with its purple powder-coated end. This helps make it look good and safeguards it from rust or corrosion. You can load bikes that weigh up to 1,250 lbs . on it. There are three adjustable positions that you can shift the kickstand plate into. This dolly stands out with its easy and straightforward-rolling casters. The distance amongst the stop pins is 75.5 inches. It sits 1 3/4 inches higher than the floor. 

The downside of this dolly is that it doesn’t have a lock to keep it in area. There are two steel plates on either conclude that you can flip down, and the friction from them touching the ground is supposed to retain the dolly from rolling.


1,500-pound load capacity

Trip-on and trip-off design

4-inch significant-responsibility locking casters

89-inch lengthy monitor with extruded floor


Kickstand plate can bend beneath quite hefty bikes

Conveniently shift your bike all over your garage with this tough, significant-energy aluminum dolly. It’s corrosion-resistant and will not rust. You can load bikes that weigh up to 1,500 lbs ., making it cruiser appropriate. What can make this dolly stand out is the ground breaking style that lets you ride on and off. Supporting the dolly are 5 4-inch major-obligation locking casters. They have sealed roller bearings to make them a lot more strong and much better at maneuvering. The track steps 89 x 9 inches. You are going to value the extruded surface area that

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Jeff Nichols’ The Bikeriders is a Muddled Chronicle of the Midwest’s Most Cleanse-Slice Biker Gang

Making use of photographer Danny Lyon’s iconic The Bikeriders’ imagery as a jumping-off stage, Jeff Nichols’ hottest attribute imagines a fictionalized Chicago bike club, the Vandals. Motorcycle club tradition may be a distinctly American phenomenon, but Nichols casts two Brits in the guide, with various returns: Jodie Comer as Kathy narrates the tale in a obvious Goodfellas conceit, adopting a Midwest accent flashy (and divisive) plenty of to make certain sustained awards-time chatter Tom Hardy is Johnny, a truck driver who gets the plan to commence a motorcycle club when looking at Marlon Brando’s The Wild A single. This small-stakes “why not?” starting stage for founding the club will work early in the movie, until finally, next the Goodfellas trajectory, it all will come crashing down. Without Thelma Schoonmaker’s editing prowess, The Bikeriders’ rise-and-fall narrative in the long run performs as well traditional.

Fresh new off Elvis, newly minted megastar Austin Butler stars as Benny, a pensive biker inclined to reckless actions who––after a fulfill-adorable that could not take place in today’s culture––is also Kathy’s partner. Butler mainly functions as a very confront listed here, and while that deal with is approximately fairly adequate to mask his deeply underwritten position, it’s just much too complicated to understand why Kathy puts up with the difficulties he regularly brings her. Stated difficulty is very first stated in a freeze frame that finishes the film’s opening sequence and, sadly, performs like a riff on the basic meme. The like tale at the heart of The Bikeriders is not designed on good floor, and what Kathy sees outside of Benny’s blue eyes and substantial cheekbones is a secret all over the film. 

Rounding out the Vandals are Nichols common Michael Shannon––plus Boyd Holbrook, Emory Cohen, Karl Glusman, and a several some others. Particular Vandals glow about many others, together with Cohen’s “Cockroach,” who eats bugs as a bit, and Shannon’s “Zipco,” who delivers a touching, drunken speech about becoming denied the means to serve in Vietnam. The rest are as underwritten as Benny, and it’s tricky not to consider what somebody of Richard Linklater’s expertise could’ve performed when filling out these types of an ensemble.

Nichols’ typical filmmaking sensibilities are a peculiar suit with the essential grubbiness that arrives with people who do the job on and experience personalized bikes as a pastime. “Cockroach” discusses how a lot he enjoys obtaining soiled when sporting new clothes and perfectly coiffed hair (and he could possibly under no circumstances seem filthy in the film). A Vandals t-shirt could be appropriately greasy, but the denim jacket above that t-shirt seems fully pressed, like they just picked it up from the cleaner. Drawing inspiration from a photograph reserve that captures Midwest Americana feels additional like anything you’d examine in a be aware from a fashion director relaying their inspiration for an future slide collection. 

Irrespective of clues to distinct budgetary constraints (a absence of shut-ups on the bikes on their own, for instance), Nichols’

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Jeff Nichols’ Roaring Ode to a ’60s Motorcycle Club

Some films merely supply you a clockwork plot. Some others, like Jeff Nichols’ smokin’ cool “The Bikeriders,” whisk you away with a roar of mood and environment.

Which is no surprise coming from the flexible director of “Mud,” “Loving” and “Midnight Special,” all seemingly different (but equally wondrous) films with a person popular denominator: a precise, wistful perception of location and tone. As quickly as we spot Austin Butler on a bar stool sporting a badass Vandals Chicago jacket on his back again, that exacting disposition is obvious below, far too. With appealingly greased and molded hair, Butler appears like he just stepped away from the “Elvis” established for a swift cigarette crack, carrying the invincible aura of a film star like it is his 2nd pores and skin. Vandals is the identify of the bike clique Butler’s terse Benny is a aspect of. And to get him to just take that jacket off—like a pair of menacing naysayers who don’t get kindly to bikers request him to do—you’re heading to have to kill him very first. Or basically die attempting.

That temperament is an instantaneous hook involving the audience and Benny—as well as whichever allegiances he swore to a team of leather-based-clad, chopper-obsessed fellas, fantastic or poor. In other terms, it is difficult to witness Benny’s organic charisma and undercurrent of dauntlessness in that early scene and not promptly experience eager to dive a very little further beneath the area. That aroused curiosity feels like an echo of what Nichols should have felt when he saw Danny Lyon’s mesmerizing 1968 pictures book with the identical identify, that captures each the façade and comprehensive personalities of a Chicago-based motorbike club in the ‘60s. All those pictures are all black-and-white, but Nichols—more concerned with transposing his personal effect of the photos, than just copying its pages onto the big screen—works in glorious, grainy colour. His cinematographer Adam Stone captures the in the beginning exuberant but progressively rusty machinations of the collective, throughout dusty roads and alleyways.

It’s gratifyingly astonishing that a story of this sort of masculine senses, partly about the from time to time unwell-advised lookup for a manly identification, receives to have a woman narrator. If “The Bikeriders” is the “Goodfellas” of simple rider flicks—and there is enough evidence of extended normally takes, shifting views and gang dealings that Nichols is having a Scorsese-like route here—then the film’s direct persona Kathy is its Karen Hill. Portrayed with frisky precision by the generally great Jodie Comer (who’s as at simplicity with her character’s precise Midwestern accent as a lot as she is with all the puffy hairdos), Kathy is introduced to us in a laundromat early on. She is getting questioned by the Lyon stand-in Mike Faist (“West Side Story”), who gives the tale an investigative, “Citizen Kane”-like shape by the interviews he conducts with different users of the team. “Five weeks afterwards, I married him,” Kathy says with a spirited hint of naughtiness

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