Break These 3 Bad Habits While Driving in Dubai

Many drivers and gearheads have guilty pleasures when driving, like speeding a little bit and playing some embarrassing songs such as Hey What’s Going On, The Sweet Escape, and much more.

These guilty pleasures are okay from time to time, but there are some things that are just not a very good idea, especially if you’re driving in Dubai, where it has its own road rules and regulations, and if you, someday, want to sell your car in Dubai, it won’t be a disaster or in a very bad condition because of your reckless driving.

So, next time you sit behind the steering wheel, think twice before making these 3 dangerous driving habits to avoid fatal accidents.

  1. Speeding

Maybe this one is built into every driver’s personality, they just can’t help it; speeding is satisfying, enjoyable, and gives you that adrenaline rush.

But do you really want to get that violation? Or worse, to expose yourself and your loved ones to danger?

Not to mention the charges you’ll have to pay when you break speed limit laws, and you don’t want to spend all of your savings, especially if you are saving to find your car a buyer in Dubai to buy a new one.

For example, charges can be up to AED300 when you exceed the speed limit by less than  20km/h, while it’s AED3000 when you exceed by 80km/h over the specified speed limit.

Additionally, you’ll get 23 black points, and have your car confiscated and your driving license for 60 days.

Even if you’re in a hurry, and not doing that for sake of fun, speeding is risky whatever your reason was.

Be aware of the speed limit on every road; Dubai is like everywhere around the world, and so every road has its own speed limit depending on many factors, like the road size, classification, and much more.

For example, in the residential areas, the speed limit is 25-40km/h, whilst on the highways, it can go up to 100km/h like Sheikh Zayed (E11) and Abu Dhabi-Al Ain (E22).

  1. Inattentive Driving

Talking, drinking, eating, putting on makeup, texting, making call phones, (basically using your cell phone or any other wireless devices), attending to children, and even pulling up the maps are all considered distractions.

Literally, anything that will make you take your eyes off the road or your attention from driving is considered distracting.

Dubai is a busy city with heavy traffic jams; and this doesn’t mean that you can open your Facebook or Instagram to pass some time till the jam is over, but on the contrary, this will just make you used to do that.

You’ll never know when the traffic light is green, or you might be caught up by the police using your phone while driving which is much worse.

Inattentive driving will cost you AED400 and 4 black points.

  1. DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

It’s illegal to drive under the influence, that’s said, you have to stick to this rule … Read More...

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