Easy Ways to Recover Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys is always gonna give you a headache. However, it’s easier now more than ever to locate, copy or get new keys. Whether you rely on key programming Germantown MD or using a handy app, here is what you should know about recovering your keys.

Have a Copy

The biggest protection against a lost key is having a copy. Locksmiths can cut copies for you pretty easily. The cost can vary depending on the key though. Laser-cut keys are thicker than conventional keys so they are more challenging to cut so the price reflects that. Put your new key somewhere close so you can use it at a moment’s notice.

Get an App

Newer keys are often fitted with a transponder for remote connections to your car. You can download an app that connects to the same transponder so you can locate your keys if you’re someone who frequently loses them. This is something that only works with keys that have this transponder component, so it’s another factor to consider when you’re at your local locksmith deciding which key to have made and programmed.

What About Smart Keys

Smart keys are not keys in the traditional sense. They are programmed devices that allow you to push-start your vehicle when in close proximity. You can just keep these tiny things in your pocket or keychain; there’s no reason to move them too much since you don’t have to insert it into anything. The thing about these kinds of keys is that only the car dealer can program new ones for you if yours was damaged or lost. Accessibility is important when you have key trouble so think ahead about these scenarios.

Losing your key has never been easier than it is right now. You can make affordable copies of your keys, download an app to track your keys or even use a smart key that just stays in your pocket. Find the solution that works best for you.… Read More...

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How Do You Know If an Auto Spare Part Dealer Is Trustworthy?

The make or brand of car you drive determines the type of parts you’ll need. Spare parts differ based on the type of car, the company that produces the car, and the model of the car. Getting the wrong spare parts for your car may cause more harm than good because it could make things worse instead of better. This is why it is important to make adequate research and learn about the dealer or seller you want to purchase car parts from. When getting spare parts from dealers outside the car company, there are lots of things to look out for, especially since there are so many car dealers across the globe. Finding a trustworthy spare parts dealer could be a daunting task but one that must be done. You should visit reviewsbird.co.uk to learn about any dealer before purchasing from them.

How do I know an auto spare parts dealer is trustworthy?

Here are some tips or ways you can know if an auto spare parts dealer is trustworthy

What do their clients have to say about them?

The best people to listen to when trying to find out the trustworthiness of a dealer is the dealer’s past customers. As the popular saying goes, ‘the customer (present or past) is always right’, hence the most important information you need can be got from auto parts sellers’ clients’ opinions. You could read online reviews and get to know what people who have patronized a particular dealer has to say about them, and this can help you draw your conclusions to decide if the dealer is trustworthy enough for you to purchase from.

Check their online presence

In our world today, technology has taken over almost everything we do, including businesses and it would be strange for a trustworthy business to lack an online presence. To find out if a particular auto spare parts dealer is trustworthy, you should check their online presence, their social media handles, websites, blogs, and any other available online platform. It’s easy to gather information about a dealer with an online presence than one without.

Offline location

Every trustworthy auto spare parts dealer should not only have an online presence but an offline location as well. There must be an office or a building where someone can visit in a situation where the need arises. Having an offline location, makes clients feel relieved because they have something physical to hold responsible for any bad business.

How effective is communication between them and their clients?

If you can’t reach an auto store parts dealer easily, either through phone calls or emails, then such a dealer is not trustworthy. A trustworthy dealer must be easily reached at any point in time. The phone lines shouldn’t always be out of reach; neither should the email or social media handles be inactive.

These are just a few things to look out for to determine if an auto spare parts dealer is trustworthy or not. You must consider these things … Read More...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for an Electric Car Rather than a Fossil Fuel One

Most times, burning fuel leads to the emission of toxins that could facilitate global warming. Transporting fuels from the well or mines also causes air pollution which can lead to road accidents. These and other reasons are the opinions of many Americans about fossil fuel vehicles on ReviewsBird.com.

Electric vehicles are digitally networked than many conventional vehicles. These vehicles are also very responsive and they are built with good torque quality. With the rise in the charging stations for these vehicles, there is an option to control its charge through smartphone software.

Electric vehicles are charged easily with clean energy. They can be plugged just like smartphones until the next time of use. Therefore, through constant charging, the need to visit gas stations is jeopardized.

Also, people can have a reduction in their reliance on petrol in the USA. With its use of electricity which can be generated from renewable sources, electric vehicles can be used by almost every family in the United States. Aside from the reduction in emissions, the following are other benefits of electric vehicles:

1.  It Saves Money:

The maintenance cost is affordable. This is because the batteries have no engine for gasoline and don’t need timing belts, spark plugs, or oil changes. The vehicles can also be plugged in anywhere in the country with cheaper fees compared to petroleum. The reduction in the maintenance cost has made it require little routine maintenance, and thus, affordable to use.

2.  They Cut Emissions:

Electric vehicles produce less pollution because their fuel is generated from electricity. The performance of the vehicles also increases as solar and wind power displaces the electricity fired by coal. However, many electric vehicle owners have attached their vehicles with the solar panel and home energy in their rooftops and storage units respectively. This allows easy access to recharging it for an emissions-free operation.

3.  They Offer Better Driving Experience:

With the generation of instant torque, the acceleration is responsive and it provides a smooth ride. They are also equipped with a low center of gravity. This has improved its comfortable ride, responsiveness, and handling which ultimately improved its driving performance.

4.  They Reduce Oil Use:

The reliance on oil leaves people susceptible to outrageous prices which distinguish the status quo. However, offering transportation solely based on electricity will disrupt that status quo. It has the possibility of making life easy for every car owner.

5.  Electric Vehicles Are Convenient to Use:

This is because a car owner doesn’t need to look for gas stations with the cheapest price range. The cost of gas is sometimes unpredictable. However, when you have the chance to plug your car like a smartphone, you can enjoy less stressful car use. Also, when you drive an electric car, it’s needless to change the oil 5,000 to 10,000 miles. This is because you don’t need those routine maintenance to enjoy your car.

There are also a few benefits for electric vehicle drivers. They include … Read More...

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Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

If you live in a warm area all year round, then you are lucky. Snow, as cold and intolerable it is on human beings, the latter is worse on cars.

Severe cold conditions and layers of snow can go a long way to damage your cars or limit their functionality.

People often make their decision on what car to buy based on their endurance through tough weather conditions like winter. Some people prefer owning two cars depending on different seasons.

As if maintaining cars during winter is not a challenge already, drivers are prone to more accidents due to the icy roads, drivers have no choice but to be super careful and ensure that their cars are properly maintained.

Roads during winter can get dangerously slippery and cause your all-season car tires to skid and turn.

This piece will be all about tips on how to maintain your vehicles during winter to keep them intact throughout the season.

Snow Tires

Snow tires are made out of soft materials and have better treads that have a good grip on the icy roads providing you with more traction.

Getting snow tires is not an instant fix but will allow you to significantly reduce the probabilities of facing these challenges.

You could imagine trying to break on a busy intersection on an icy road with your standard all year round tires, then your tires fail you and so you skid over and hit another car by the back.

Catastrophic right?

Fluid levels

It is very important to constantly check the fluid levels in your car from time to time during winter.

Fluids such as wiper fluid should be full at any single time since this will enhance your visibility while driving through the cold season especially in a snowstorm.

Make sure to get wiper fluid with a low freezing point– you would wish to have something squirting out with your wipers when trying to clear up your windscreen on a snowy day, plus your wipers should be able to scrape through the snow. if it is worn out, consider replacing them, they can only be good for a year. 

Also, make sure your gas tank is always full, a full gas tank will reduce the amount of accumulated water on your fuel pump that would have instead been frozen.

Supposedly your car broke down or you got stuck somewhere, having a full tank will allow you to intermittently start up your car and warm you up.


A weak car battery in the summer can only mean a dead one in the winter.

Make sure you get your batteries checked, and this can only be done by professional tools.

This will prevent possible situations where your car suddenly breaks down or refuses to start.

This can be horrific if you think about it. Imagine, alone, in a snowstorm and your car does not want to start.

That is terrifying, to say the least.

So make sure you get a battery inspection, some … Read More...

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The Importance of Tesla in Car Electric Industry

Tesla has managed to change the car industry for good. Electric vehicles seem to represent the future for the automotive industry, but this major change raises a very important issue for the industry: the end of many “traditional” jobs. The electric motors that will power those new vehicles have far fewer moving parts than the traditional internal combustion engines and the transmissions that go with them. For this reason, the automotive industry is preparing for an inevitable impact in the coming years.

When you hear about electric cars, the first thing that comes to mind for most people on US-Reviews is autonomy, i.e. the distance that the vehicle can cover with a single charge.

Every major car manufacturer needs at least one electric model in the range, and most are already preparing at least one such car that will be launched on the market in the next two years. In this article, we will focus on Tesla.

If you opt for an electric car model it is important to choose reliable car insurances reviews.

About Tesla and the future of the car industry

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, fundamentally changes an industry that has remained intact for more than a century. In 10 years he succeeded with Tesla, which no other well-known car manufacturer did. The autonomy of over 300 kilometers with a sports car, at a price comparable to that of competitors. However, no one wants a sports car to make the daily journey from home to work and back. This is how the Model S was born. The first electric car that can make a journey of over 400 kilometers with a single charge at the socket. It costs no more than the models of the competitors in the range and also comes with a 17-inch tablet as a center console.

The Model S is the car that turns Tesla into a big name in the automotive industry. They already have thousands of orders and customers worldwide. They receive awards over awards and already manufacturers such as Toyota or Mercedes are asking for their help for the future electric cars they want to launch. In the 10 years since its inception in Silicon Valley, Tesla has become a carmaker that competition should fear. They have 3,000 employees and are constantly looking for people to work in the ultra-modern factory in California.

The improved version of the Tesla 3 model, which adds performance to its predecessor, but also increased autonomy. The electric motors with which the car is equipped together develop 449 hp and the car can reach a speed of 100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds and a maximum speed of 233 km / h. To this is added a range of 560 kilometers, extremely satisfactory, given the other options available on the market. And the price of about 53,000 euros makes it an affordable option for people who want a high-performance electric car. Also, the S Long Range model impresses with its high … Read More...

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