An Old-School Motorcycle for the Long Haul

Just two years ago, in June 2020, the Ténéré 700 (or T7 for short) made its way to American shores. In that short span, it has staked a claim as one of the best value bikes on the market by breaking all the rules. Instead of following rivals and investing in bigger engines and more electronics, Yamaha has done the exact opposite. The T7 is simple, reliable, and built to last — everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Yamaha designed the Ténéré with one question: what do you really need on an ADV bike? They removed almost everything else, saving weight, decluttering the cockpit, and cutting costs. The Ténéré is what many riders–myself included– thought the Africa Twin to be. A big dirt bike with a torquey engine, smooth suspension, and great power-to-weight ratio. Fast enough on the highway, without sacrificing much off-road. The T7 is built for people who ride hard and ride far.

At 452 pounds, the Ténéré 700 is easier to maneuver than most of its peers, with a seat position and bars designed for riding dirt, standing up, and, heaven forbid, getting a little air. Experienced dual-sport riders will rejoice because the T7 feels more like a dirt bike than anything else. It’s snappier than the specs suggest, with the power, travel, and torque to keep up on the tarmac and super fun to ride off-road.

Alessio Barbanti

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the engine?

The genius of the T7 is a six-speed, 692cc parallel-twin engine that was first launched in 2014. With 72 horsepower and a stock gearing ratio of 46/15, it is snappy and great in low gears.

What’s unique about the T7?

The less-is-more design. The Ténéré only comes with a manual transmission and has no electronic aids for traction control, no electronic rider modes or lean angle sensors. You can fully turn off the ABS, unlike most ADVs. Even the LCD is simple. Bike control comes from the throttle, clutch, and feel only.

What is the Ténéré 700 best for?

The T7 is burly and reliable, making it great for long adventures. Emphasis on long.

yamaha tenere 700 parked on a dirt camera road

Alessio Barbanti

What’s Good About the Ténéré 700?

There’s lots to love about the T7. The engine offers a linear, smooth 72 horses that can power through just about everything. The dash is simple and uncluttered. The gearing and cockpit design are great for riding slowly in 1st and 2nd. The suspension has 8 inches of travel and is fully adjustable from the factory.

Sure, it’s not a fire-breathing 100-horse spaceship loaded with supercomputers, but that’s a good thing. It forces you to learn wrist control and off-road skills rather than relying on sensors and luxury modes. And there’s no need to mess with rider modes, excessive controls, and layers of menus.

What’s Not Ideal About the Ténéré 700?

Ok, fine, it’s not perfect. There are downsides to Yamaha’s stripped-down approach. The handguards are plastic and won’t protect you much if you lie the bike down.

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Ford Bronco Potential buyers Devote an Typical of $1700 on Ford Add-ons

The Ford Bronco and its more compact Bronco Activity sibling have captured a substantial admirer foundation due to the fact their current market debut. Of class now that we are beginning to see these issues close to frequently, proprietors are embracing the accent sector. In point, clients of the complete-sizing Bronco are reportedly paying an average of $1700 on formal Ford parts, with extra than 1 million extras marketed concerning the two designs.

According to an Automotive News report, Ford executives say that the Bronco is presently the most customized product in the automaker’s portfolio. The Bronco Sport just isn’t much driving, as its buyers spend an regular of $800 on pieces from Ford’s have catalog. That figure places the Bronco Activity suitable in line with the all-mighty F-150 as considerably as customization pounds are involved.

Warn, Yakima, Others Providing the Goodies

It cannot hurt that Ford has customized a huge selection of sections for the Bronco and Bronco Sport with enable from some of the major names in the automotive aftermarket. The automaker understood how crucial modifications are to the off-street community, and it worked with properly-recognised businesses like Warn and Yakima to build these components prior to the vans even debuted.

Customers can even spec the components they’d like to have on their truck correct from the supplier prior to the truck comes. This has created a little something of a lucrative organization design for particular dealerships. Take Steve Olliges’s Staff Ford dealership in Las Vegas, for case in point. Customers at this dealership shell out an ordinary of $4000 to $5000 on Bronco extras with every single acquire. The most preferred pieces that prospects get throughout the board are the modular front bumper, winches, and off-highway lighting aspects.


“It’s main to the achievements of Bronco,” Ford customer promoting supervisor Mark Grueber told AN. “For sellers it truly is a wonderful possibility not only from a income standpoint but also very long-phrase engagement with buyers. It really is a terrific proof position of what Ford can do and how large this chance is heading ahead.”

The achievement of the Bronco equipment method is multifaceted. 1st, the SUV was intended to enter a section rife with customization needs and highlighted its individual elements development cycle managing concurrently with automobile enhancement. Next, Ford reworked its entire add-ons distribution network to improved serve vendor desires.

By switching up the businesses involved in the distribution, Ford has been in a position to lower back on hold out periods and strengthen stock material. With a lot more Bronco products continuing to roll out, one particular can expect the pieces catalog to carry on to grow as properly. Not that any one appears to be complaining about the current choices.

ford bronco easter safari concepts


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