Tinting your car windows is a great way to protect the interior from damaging UV rays, while giving you and other drivers on the road better visibility. There are many benefits of window tint that extend beyond just looking cool; for instance it can save energy by keeping out heat in summertime or cold air during winter months. Here are our 5 main reasons you should get your automobiles windows tinted.

1.       Protection From The Sun & It’s Harsh UV Rays

To protect your skin and keep it looking young, consider window tinting. Window film or a light tint won’t just block the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause ageing – they also shield against both UVA and UVB rays which accelerate cancer over time.

2.       Keep Your Car Cool And Comfortable

Window tinting has been shown to be extremely effective at reducing heat in your car, not just by blocking sunlight but also through a process called “infrared cooling.” This is how the window film can reduce temperature up to 60% and keep you significantly more comfortable.

3.       Preserve Your Car’s Upholstery & Interior

Window tinting on your car is the equivalent of a sunscreen for you and your vehicle. Not only does it protect against UV rays, but also blocks up to 90% of sunlight that can damage the interior fabric or leather seats in cars.

Your car’s an investment–one worth protecting! Professionally installed window film not only protects from damaging sun rays, but will also block harmful light from fading upholstery and cracking vinyls/leather.

4.       Increased Levels Of Privacy

Tinted car windows will shade, or tint your view into the inside of a vehicle. Allowing passengers to enjoy some privacy when driving and not worry about people looking in on them from outside as they go about their day-to-day activities.

5.       Improved Security

Thieves will find it a lot more difficult to break through tinted glass and steal your valuables. Even if they do see what’s inside, the film designed for added security means that thieves won’t be able to get in at all without smashing their way through. This gives you peace of mind when driving or having your car accidentally hit by an object while parked on the side of the road – because no matter what happens, passengers are protected from flying shards with a

high-quality window tinter!

So next time you are thinking of your car/vehicle professionally tinted, check out Mackay Window Tinting to do the job for you!

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Inexpensive Ways To Get Car Parts

People who work on cars, whether for a living or for a hobby, know that car parts don’t always come cheaply. However, if you know where to look, you are sure to be able to find a good deal. 

Use a Molding Service

One way to get cheap pieces, even rare pieces, is to have them custom-made by a molding service. These services often use custom machining technology to make their materials. The parts can either be made of hard durable plastic or (a large variety of) metal. All the customer needs to do is place the order with the correct specifications. If possible, give the service your old or broken part so they have as much information as possible to work with.

Check Out Online Marketplaces

If you do not necessarily need a new car part, you can find some parts for relatively cheap if you shop through an online marketplace. Some of the best online marketplaces include Facebook Marketplace, Macari, and eBay. Since average people are the ones selling the products, you can barter with them to get the best price possible. Also, you do not need to go through a middle man who may hike up the prices.

Buy From Distributers

Another way to avoid having to deal with a middle man is to buy directly from the distributer. Distributors usually sell their products in bulk, so this option is best if you are running an auto shop or similar business. As a bonus, when you buy in bulk, there is often a lower per-unit cost. So, while the upfront cost might be higher, you can turn more of a profit on it later.

Buying parts from auto shops can be expensive. By avoiding going through a middle man, you can save some money. All the while, you can communicate with sellers to make sure you are getting the right part that fits your budget.… Read More...

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The Importance of RV Fabric Products

If you own an RV, be sure to invest in RV fabric items. There are many of these items available on the market. Check out RV products Idaho Falls ID to learn more about those items. Take a look at this explanation concerning the importance of using RV fabric products.

Protects Your RV from the Elements

When traveling outdoors in your RV, you may find that the weather outside can affect the state of your RV inside. Freezing weather conditions can lead to cold winds moving underneath your RV, causing its pipes to freeze. To prevent such freezing from occurring, you could invest in RV skirts. These skirts create a boundary that impedes cold air from venturing near your vehicle’s plumbing system. 

Saves on Energy-Related Costs

During the summer months, you may feel forced to blast your air conditioner because of all the sunlight entering your RV through its windows. Such sunlight will make your RV extremely hot and compel you to use more energy than you have to. You can purchase RV solar roller shades. These shades can stop sunlight from hitting your windows and increasing the temperature within your RV. If you utilize these shades on a regular basis, you will save a great deal of money on energy costs. 

Ascertains Your Wellbeing and Comfortability

If you and your family are using your RV to go on camping trips, you will likely spend a significant amount of time outdoors. You can make sure that you and your family members feel safe and comfortable outside by employing RV awnings. Such awnings can shield you from the rays of the sun as well as from bugs and other pesky insects. Oftentimes, people will set up tables and chairs directly below their vehicle’s awning.

Many RV fabric products are well-made. Rest assured that you will find some that can meet your needs.… Read More...

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3 Tips for Maintaining Car Tires

Owning and operating a motor vehicle comes with a level of responsibility. Observing the rules of the road, monitoring the fluid levels and preventing rust are all important parts of owning a vehicle. However, ensuring the tires are in good shape is vital, as a flat tire can result in travel delays and costly repairs.

1. Check the Inflation Levels

A tire that is not properly inflated can affect the way the car handles. Drivers may discover that the car does not stop in a timely manner or handles sluggishly. Reduced control over the vehicle can lead to accidents. Visually inspect the tires before driving and check the inflation levels every month, especially when the temperature is changing. Trouble maintaining proper inflation can indicate a leak and may require the work of a professional auto service Beltsville MD.

2. Inspect the Tread

The wear and tear from everyday driving eventually damages the tread beyond the point of safety. Check the tread regularly and replace tires when the tread is worn past the recommended level. If the tread is ignored, then drivers may experience an unsafe reduction in traction. This can be aggravated by slick driving conditions and can result in an accident.

3. Rotate and Balance Tires Regularly

Because of the way many vehicles are designed, tires wear unevenly. Observing the proper rotation schedule can extend the life of the tires. Tires can have some spots that are heavier than others, and those spots can change over time. Balancing the wheels can be done at the same time as the rotation and is another great way to increase the lifespan of the tires.

Even if they are properly maintained, tires do not last forever. Maintain and inspect tires regularly to decrease the risks of an accident and replace tires when they are no longer safe.… Read More...

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Signs You Need Transmission Repair

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for transferring power created by the engine to your wheels. This is what makes them spin. If your vehicle’s transmission is not working properly, then your car will have a hard time moving, if it can at all. You should act before the situation gets that bad.

Most transmissions don’t just fail suddenly. Instead, there are signs of a problem. Keep reading to learn the signs it is time to call for transmission repair Lynnwood.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

An obvious sign of a problem is if there is a puddle of transmission fluid in your driveway under the vehicle. Usually, transmission fluid is red. This means it is easy to tell apart from the other fluids that may be coming out of your vehicle.

Delayed Shifting

Have you noticed your engine has started to rev higher as your automatic transmission shifts out of park and into drive? Or does it do this when shifting from one gear to the next? If so, it is a tell-tale sign that the fluid levels are lower than they should be. If you continue to drive your vehicle in this condition, it will need expensive and major transmission repairs.

Erratic Shifting

Does your automatic transmission shift at the wrong times? If so, it may be a problem with the vehicle’s computer. This may also be an issue with the transmission fluid.

Don’t wait to act if you notice issues with your vehicle’s transmission. As the situation gets worse, the problem will become more prominent, and it may cause even more damage to your vehicle. By seeking repairs as soon as an issue is seen, you can avoid more serious problems down the road. Being informed is the best way to ensure that your care gets the transmission repair it needs when it needs it. … Read More...

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